Are you worried about Zebra Plant Leaves Turning Brown? Wondering what could be the reason? Let’s have a look at the Tips to Save Them!

Don’t worry about the Zebra Plant turning brown. We have everything you need to save the plant from harm.

Botanical Name: Aphelandra squarrosa

Reasons for Zebra Plant Leaves Turning Brown

1. Under Watering

Plants like over watering so you have to learn how to keep them underwater as well. Wet the top of the hill. Schedule irrigation every 3-6 days.

2. Cold Drafts

The plant thrives in the shade of other trees. It is protected from the strong winds.

Keep it away from the air conditioning vent or windows, where a cold draft can hit your plant. It should not be near hot air vents to keep it from getting yellow or brown leaves.

3. Direct Sunlight

The afternoon sun exposes the Zebra Plant to harmful rays, but it does not want that. The leaf tips can turn yellow, red or white if the sun is too much.

Locate it near an east-facing window, where it will bask in the mild morning sun for 2-3 hours.

4. Too Much Fertilizer

Feeding the plant occasionally will harm it. It will cause a build up of salt in the soil which can lead to leaf rot.

During the spring and summer months, a balancedfertilizer can be give to plants occasionally. Do not feed the plant during winter.

5. Lack of Humidity

Lack of humidity causes the plant to turn brown at its edges. Keeping the plant on a pebble tray filled with water can raise humidity levels. You can also purchase a humidifier.

6. Chlorine or Flouride in Water

The resulting salt built-up in the medium will prevent plants from absorbing water, and also cover their roots over time. The leaves will go yellow and brown due to this.

Use RO, spring or rainwater. Let the water sit in it’s container overnight to get salts out of it.

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