Kaymie moved to Australia after getting married and has been learning how she can live in the country.

She began posting a series of clips on TikTok to show the differences between life in Australia and US as she was ableto take advantage of free time given after the Pandemic.

Garbage disposals and ranch dressing are quintessential American symbols, only after she moved abroad did the realization occur. Who knew?

Continue scrolling to check out what other cultural nuances the TikToker has noticed.

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#1 Pharmaceutical Ads Everywhere

#2 Buying Cigarettes At The Pharmacy

#3 Doing Math At Check Out To Calculate Sales Tax

#4 The Ice Obsession

#5 Halloween

#6 Bathroom Stall Gaps. (We Are The Only Country This Silly)

#7 Pumpkin Spice Latte

#8 Root Beer & Dr. Pepper

#9 Ranch Dressing. Because It’s A Salad Dressing.. But We Put It On Everything

#10 Currency That’s Pretty Much All The Same Color

#11 Sorority Girls + College Parties/Sports

#12 Garbage Disposals(Other Countries Just Don’t Usually Have Them)

#13 24 Hours Diners

#14 Red Solo Cups

#15 College Sports Being A Huge Deal

#16 Putting Cheese On Everything

#17 The 7-Eleven Big Gulp

#18 Calling Everyone Mr. & Mrs.

#19 Grocery Shopping At Target

#20 Cheap Breakfast Combos

#21 Canned Whipped Cream

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