Hello! I’m Kateryna from Ukraine. Together with my husband Denis we are running our cozy Meow Felt shop.

Our felting story began a few years ago when we took a kitten Tara to our home. We thought that it would be great to make a kind of private space for her. I have some felting skills in making clothing and toys. So we decided to felt a wool bed for our cat. That’s how our first cat bed appeared. Sure, it was shaped funny, not quite strong and of dubious quality. However, our cat immediately occupied it! It was really touching to see the small fluffy creature peacefully sleeping in our “art project”.

We were very inspired by this and decided to keep making new cat beds not only for our cat but for any cat in the world. With each new bed, we improved our skills, quality and designs. It became important for us to make cat beds not only functional for cats but also original and interesting for people.

We believe that if our works make you smile – we are moving in the right direction.

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#1 Catbus Cat Bed

#2 Fox Cat Bed

#3 Totoro Cat Bed

#4 Funny Ghost Bed

#5 Wizard Hat Cat Bed

#6 Pumpkin Cat Bed

#7 Rainbow Cat Bed

#8 Cactus Cat Bed

#9 Cat Bed

#10 Batman Cat Bed

#11 Christmas Tree Cat Bed

#12 Whale Cat Bed

#13 Pomegranate Cat Bed

#14 Flower Cat Bed

#15 Pumpkin Cat Bed

#16 Round Cat Bed

#17 Colorful Cat Bed

#18 Poppy Cat Bed

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