Do you know that you can use Olive Oil for plants? Know more about Using Olive Oil in Garden and how it can be beneficial in a lot of ways!

Adding olive oil to the garden would be a great addition. In this post, you will know about the benefits of using olive oil in your garden and how to use it.

Using Olive Oil in Garden

Olive oil can be useful for your plants as it protects them from pests and gives you needed vitamins.

1. Clean Plant Leaves

You can use a cotton ball to wipe the leaves and it will gently lift off dirt. Make sure you don’t leave the plants in the sun.

Cleaning the leaves with olive oil also helps to get rid of scales.

2. Eliminates Leaf Miner


Olive oil is a leaf killer. You can make your own leaf miner killer by adding half a cup of dishwashing liquid and 6 to 8 ounces of olive oil.

When mixing them, add the solution in a liter of water and give it to me as spray bottle for use on plants.

3. Pest Control


Pour 10 liters of dishwashing liquid into a mixing bowl. Put the solution in a spray bottle, shake it off and use on pest- affected areas of plants.

Plants should not be exposed to sunlight after spraying the solution.

4. Keep Garden Tools Rust Free


Garden tools are prone to rust due to being exposed to a lot of dirt and water on a daily basis. It’s possible to keep them rust-free by using olive oil.

All you have to do is coat them with a layer of olive oil and voila! The oil will help them.

5. Moisturize Hands


Olive oil is good for keeping your hands hydrated after a hard day of garden work. Sun and mud can affect your skin. A good daily dose of olive oil is necessary to make your skin soft and supple.

6. Polish Wooden Furniture


Rub the wooden furniture with a dry paper towel after pouring some olive oil. It will start looking new and shiny in no time. This will add more strength to the wood.

7. Make a Fly Repellent


Use oil from olive tree to repel flies. To prepare your fly repellant, mix 1-2 cups of white and saltine with a couple ounces water, 1/2 ounce eucalyptus oil or 1 quart olive liquid.

Pour all these ingredients into a sprayer and spray on the fly-infested area.

8. Trap Gnats

Plants can be affected by gnats. Bring 1/2 a cup of olive oil with them. They will get drowned in the oil.

9. Keep Moles Away


Put a piece of cloth or rag into olive oil and use it to make mole holes in your garden. They cannot stand the smell of oil and will not be looking at it.

10. Make a Bird and Squirrel Repellent


Squirrels and birds get away from the garden by eating garlic. It’s 100 percent natural and won’t harm your plants, animals or birds.

A glass jar holds 8 cloves of garlic and 2 cups of olive. Put it in the area where birds and squirrels frequent most. They will be driven away by the smell.

11. Prevents Tarnish


If you have brass or steel vases in the garden, olive oil is a good choice. Rub a thin layer of oil onto them to get rid of tarnish. It also works to prevent streaks.

12. Eliminate Squeaks from the Garden Gate and Swing


Simply put a drop of olive oil on the hinges if you have any. It will eliminate the noise from you.

13. Protect your Cuticles

Dust and soil in the garden ruins your nails making them prone to break. If you want your soil to stay protected, massage the tips of your fingers with olive oil.

14. Remove Water Rings

Add a bit of olive oil to 12 a cup of baking soda and 1/2 an ounce or two of balsamic vinaigrette, add this paste over the hard water rings on bench tops.

15. Keep Away Mosquitoes


You can keep your garden free of mosquitoes by pouring some olive oil into water barrels. It will stop mosquitoes from breeding.

16. Clean Paint Stains

Is that painting in your garden stopped by stains? Olive oil is your first resort. You can gently rub the stains off by pouring a few drops on your hands.

17. Preserve Herbs After Harvesting


There is an olive oil that can be used to preserve fresh herbs. If you add herbs to an ice tray, fill it with olive oil and keep them out of sight. You can fry these cubes later on.

18. Make an Earwig Trap

If you have too many earwigs in your garden then there is a method to catch them. It’s easy to add soy sauce and olive oil in a pan.

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