Now with the use of internet, Russian social network “Thing of Kindness” and the animal shelter “Happiness in the House” are doing an experiment in Russia. The project’s main idea is to get people to adopt quirky-looking dogs. The dogs, when adopted, are a great treat for them. So with the help of the photographers Nikita Zhurnakov and Kirill Laptev, dogs were posed with donated clothing for a dog to give them a certain personality based on what they went through before they found their way to the shelter.

Readingaro reached out to the photographer Nikita Zhurnakov to find out a little bit more.

“I never got around to implementing the idea of dogs in men’s clothes, despite it being a recent proposal”. We took beautiful pictures thanks to the work of the team. Since we can see the photos, I am sure our friends will be able to have a home.

A big part of this shoot was to not take all 50 dogs with me when I went home. We were quite prepared for this whole photoshoot, the dogs are not some huge beasts. Some dogs had to take around 150 images, but they didn’t complain at all and were happy with the results.

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#1 Zorro

#2 Loki

#3 Conor

#4 Isa

#5 Ligita

#6 Cookie Cookie

#7 Bonnie

#8 Topotushka

#9 Shasta

#10 Flocks

#11 Chrismas

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