We all know that pets can be quite silly and quirky. Sometimes instead of getting an epic shot of your pup running, you get a picture that doesn’t look that… majestic. That’s exactly what these Comedy Pet Photography Awards focus on.

Every year, these awards announce the finalists for their funniest pet contest, where people from all over the world submit hilarious pictures of their pets. The pictures are bound to bring a smile to your face and make your day better! These awards were started by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. This year’s prize includes £2,000, a gift bag, and a personalized trophy. The winners will be announced on November 24th. So if you have a wild pet that loves taking fun photos, think about joining these awards next year!

For now, let’s enjoy the silliest photos from 2021 and if you missed the 2020 contest, click right here!

More info: comedypetphoto.com | Facebook | Instagram | twitter.com


#1 Photobomb By Kathryn Trott

#2 Photobomb By Mollie Cheary

#3 Embrace Of Love By Svetlana Pisareva

#4 Hugo The Photobomber! By Chloe Beck

#5 Ostrich Style By Manel Subirats Ferrer

#6 Sit By Suzi Lonergan

#7 Whizz Pop By Zoe Ross

#8 Muttford And Chum By Luke O’brien

#9 Crazy In Love With Fall By Diana Jill Mehner

#10 Peep Hole By Millie Kerr

#11 Boing By Christine Johnson

#12 House Squatter! By Thomas Marlie

#13 The Eureka Moment! By Sophie Bonnefoi

#14 Sunbathers By Catherine Falls

#15 Nosy Neighbour By Colin Doyle

#16 Cheeeese! By David Poznanter

#17 Good Morning By Mary Ellis

#18 That Was A Funny Joke! By Bernard Sim

#19 Never-Ending Poodle By Darren Hall

#20 Wine Time! By Kathryn Clark

#21 A Warm Spot On A Cold Day By Corey Seeman

#22 Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls! By Anna Chambers

#23 Freddie & Alison By Ken Whalley

#24 Chilling Ludwig By Julien Gloria

#25 Those Ears By Charlotte Fenwick

#26 A Little Massage By Christine Kaltenecker

#27 My Big Brother By Elizabeth Finney

#28 Jurassic Bark By Carmen Cromer

#29 Long Cow By Pier Luigi Dodi

#30 So What? By Lucy Slater

#31 Albie The Kitten By Ann-Marie Connolly

#32 “…that Was A Good One!!” By Jakub Gojda

#33 Grace Wins Gold In The Rythmic Gymnastics By Walker Walker

#34 Caught Red-Pawed By Danielle Wood

#35 Licensed To Drive! By Donna Deshon

#36 Home Skooling By Jacki Gordon

#37 Where Did Everybody Go? By Katherine Pierce

#38 Feeding Sheep By Robert Moore

#39 Cat Model By Kenichi Morinaga

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