Finding your voice is a crucial part of an artist’s work. It means you’ve been studying and experimenting with your craft to be able to present it in a unique way. Your perspective.

I couldn’t find a better director to look up than Wes Anderson with his distinct style. In Studio Binder, SC Lannom pointed out that his films are simultaneously idiosyncratic and relentlessly detailed; they’re full of nuanced production design elements and visual gags, but are executed in such a deliberate manner that the viewer always ‘catches’ these little easter eggs that paint whatever mood Anderson intended.

His vision is still with us, even after he’s been on the silver screen. It was kind of. Accidentally Wes Anderson has blossomed into an online project that is used by more than one and a half million explorers.

They share pictures that look like movie sets, which the great Filmmaker could be working on. The husband and wife duo of Wally & A.M, who started the AWA platform as a way to develop travel bucket lists said that they are intrigued by the image and delighted with details We seek and share the most beautiful, idiosyncratic, and interesting places on earth while exposing strange stories behind their facades.

Continue scrolling to see the locations they did and check out this article we published on a subreddit with an almost identical name that is also part of same quest.

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#1 Eastern Columbia Building | Los Angeles, California | C. 1930

#2 Helsinki, Finland C.1907

#3 Hotel Belvédère Furka Pass, Switzerland C. 1882

#4 Upper Lausitzian Library Of Sciences | Görlitz, Germany | C. 1779

#5 Palmenhaus Schönbrunn | Vienna, Austria | C. 1882

#6 Riad Yasmine Marrakech, Morocco C. 2002

#7 Marshall Street Baths, London, England, C. 1850

#8 Tourlitis Lighthouse Andros, Greece C. 1897

#9 Suburban Station Philadelphia, Pennsylvania C.1930

#10 Brighton Beach Bandstand Brighton, United Kingdom C. 1884

#11 Georgian Hotel | Los Angeles, California | C. 1933

#12 North Hobart Post Office Tasmania, Australia Est. 1913

#13 Hunting Lodge Hohenlohe Tatranská Javorina, Slovakia C. 1883

#14 Patrika Gate Jaipur, India C. 2016

#15 St. Vincent Pilgrimage Church Heiligenblut Am Grosglockner, Austria C. 1491

#16 Hauganes Village Eyjafjörður, Iceland Est. 1882

#17 Golden Pass Railway Montreux, Switzerland C. 1901

#18 Villa Sola Cabiati Como, Italy C.1500

#19 The Lanesborough London, United Kingdom C. 1719

#20 Tinakilly Country House County Wicklow, Ireland C. 1876

#21 Hotel Moskva | Belgrade, Serbia | C. 1908

#22 Úlfljótsvatn Church Úlfljótsvatn, Iceland C. 1914

#23 Hotel Opera Prague, Czech Republic C. 1890

#24 Western Baths Club | ​glasgow, Scotland​ | C. 1876

#25 Saint Benedict Abbey | Quebec, Canada | C. 1912

#26 The Madison Hotel | Morristown, New Jersey | C. 1936

#27 Angels Flight | Los Angeles, California | C. 1901

#28 Gosling Brothers Hamilton, Bermuda C. 1806

#29 Mills House Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina C.1853

#30 Notting Hill | London, England | C. 1356

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