When talking about architecture, there’s a fine line between creative and ridiculous. Bold and funny. Tasteful and appalling. And when a project crosses it, people often notice. And shame it.

Ugly Dutch Houses is an Instagram account that does just that. Radiating a similar vibe as its Irish and Belgian “cousins”, this online project shares photos of structures that it believes to deserve the demolition crane. Or at least a good makeover.

And it’s quite thirsty, too. “I will look for you, I will find you and I will post you,” the bio of the Insta says. Liam Neeson approves!

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#1 This House Could Appear On Your Geometry Test

#2 When Your Architect Wants ‘To Try Something New’

#3 My Tony Hawk Senses Are Tingling

#4 I’m Not Feeling Very Well Today….

#5 The Pope’s Ugly Dutch Vacation Home

#6 It’s Very Hot In Holland So It’s An Appropiate Time To Post An Ugly Dutch House On Water!

#7 When Your Architect Wasn’t As Sharp As He Used To Be When Finishing The Construction Plans

#8 The Architect Dropped A Cube Of Green Soap And Suddenly He Had A Vision

#9 Bilbo Baggins’ Holiday House

#10 Yes, This Is A House. Yes, People Actually Live Here And Yes, The Windows Weren’t Even Placed Symmetrically

#11 Wharchitect The F**k

#12 Error 404: Windows Not Found

#13 If You Think This Is Complex Then Wait Until You Hear Their Alarm Code

#14 The Egyptians Are Taking Over

#15 Don’t Drink And Build

#16 The Color Red Is Often Associated With The Word ‘Stop’… I Rest My Case

#17 If You Go Through The Front Door, You’ll Meet Bowser

#18 25% Glass, 75% Ugly

#19 From Holland With Love

#20 When You Decide Last Minute That You Don’t Want Your House Shaped Like A Triangle

#21 @uglybelgianhouses We’ve Got Them Too!

#22 The Roof Is Taking Off

#23 If You Look Very Carefully You’ll See Something Which Somewhat Looks Like A House

#24 Hey So Did You Hear About This Neighbourhood Called New-Caïro In Amsterdam?

#25 The Architect Had A Lot Of Ideas

#26 I Just Feel Sorry For The Postman

#27 Even The Quality Of This Picture Is Ugly

#28 The Roof Is Everywhere

#29 Taking The “I’m Glad To Have A Roof Above My Head” Phrase A Bit Too Literal

#30 I Like The Fact That Straw Burns Really Good

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