Most of us have heard of Madonna, right? She is a fashion and music icon and a great inspirational figure to many people around the world. Madonna is one of the most influential people out there and is often referred to as ‘The Queen of Pop.’

Well, if Madonna is the Queen, then this golden retriever Max is ‘The Pup of Pop.’ Max and his owner Vincent decided they would work on a project together—recreating Madonna’s most famous photos and music covers. Vincent is a photographer and Max is a great model, although he does only get paid in treats.

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#1 ‘Music’ Single Cover

#2 ‘Bed Time Stores’ Album Cover

#3 ‘Ray Of Light’ Album Cover

#4 ‘La Isla Bonita’ Album Cover

#5 ‘Like A Virgin’ Album Cover

#6 ‘Hung Up’ Music Video

#7 ‘Hung Up’ Music Video

#8 ‘True Blue’ Album Cover

#9 ‘Cherish’ Music Video

#10 ‘Madame X’ Album Cover

#11 ‘Material Girl’ Music Video

#12 ‘Vogue’ Music Video

#13 Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Cover

#14 ‘Madame X’ Album Cover

#15 ‘Like A Virgin’ Album Promo Photo

#16 ‘Erotica’ Music Video

#17 ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ Movie Poster

#18 “MDNA Skin” Promotional Photo

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