If you thought it meant investing a lot of your time and resources into an elaborate, tricky and unique costume, you’ll be surprised to see how people came up with smart ideas to avoid the hassle of spending all of their time creating crafty costumes.

Two years ago, Readingaro presented how the Japanese found a smart way to get involved in Halloween festivities with simple yet clever costumes. The idea of a comedy show spreading throughout the world was similar, and those who borrowed it decided to give their interpretations of ordinary costumes. Readingaro will present you with costumes this year, in line with the tradition ofMundane Halloween.

Which one are you most interested in? Leave your thoughts in the comments and we will add them to our database. If you want to know more about the costumes from previous years, here is a place for it.

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#1 Tissue Box

#2 That One Person Who Lost The Right Timing To Throw Their Trash Away On A Plane

#3 Youtubers Who Are Apologizing After Backlash To One Of Their Previous Videos

#4 The Guy At The Office Whose Turn It Is To Empty The Shredder

#5 That One Person Who Has A Cat That Wants To Be In Every Zoom Meeting With Her

#6 Guy Who Leans In As His Mario Kart Character Turns A Curve

#7 A Girl Who Just Gave Blood And Now Can’t Do Anything For A Few Minutes

#8 A Gaijin Who Is Upset Because He Accidentally Bought Doggy Snacks Instead Of Human Snacks

#9 Someone Who Got Eaten By The Zoom Background

#10 That Person People Erase From A Picture On Photoshop

#11 Someone Who Has Spilled Coffee All Over Himself

#12 A Person With A Fever And In Pain Trying To Look On Their Symptoms Online

#13 “Man Who Really Wants You To Ask Him About His Camera”

#14 A Gucci Model

#15 A Rink-Side Figure Skating Coach

#16 A Guy At The Hotel Breakfast Buffet

#17 The Girl Who Starts Sorting Through Her Stuff (Aka Danshari/ Konmari-Ing) And Ends Up Fiddling With Her Phone

#18 A Figure Skater

#19 A Good Dad

#20 The Type Of University Student Who Hangs Their Mask Below Their Nose

#21 The Store Doesn’t Accept Paypay?!?! (Electronic Payments)

#22 Moody Girlfriend Because Her Boyfriend Keeps Playing Games In His Phone During A Date

#23 The Woman Who Watches A Bodybuilder Youtuber And Feels Like She Got A Workout

#24 The Kind Of University Professor Who Would Try To Have An Affair With A Student When Given The Chance

#25 Someone Who Can’t Use Chopsticks Right

#26 Someone Who Just Got Rained On

#27 Someone Who Dropped His Phone On His Head After Waking Up

#28 Killing Time While Dyeing Her Hair

#29 Someone Who Forgot Their Ecobag At The Worst Time Possible Ever

#30 That One Student Who Pretends They Are Actually Looking For Something On Their Bag

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