James Fridman, British graphic designer and creator of the wizardish site Gandalf has made a big splash with his witty antics on internet. Chances are that you have scrolled past one of his hilarious photo edits on social media without realizing it was him behind the screen.

James is notorious for taking photo editing demands that are far too realistic. There is an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ where the family use a monkey’s paw to grant wishes. It is the same if you ask James for help. He takes requests very seriously and leads to shenanigans. It is all done using a smile and with some good humor for lowering your stress levels.

James has recently edited several photographs and you can vote on your favourite ones. Readingaro has more about the grandmaster troll right here, and also in this post. Happy scrolling and doing a joke!

Don’t send James pictures that he wouldn’t want him to share, if you are a fan of his work. Pressing the send button will not let you put back into bottle.

Readingaro gave a interview with Dominic Sberna about how to keep clients happy in the long term, even if you aren’t going for major changes.

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