There has been a lot of information about the benefits of drinking water. Having this in mind, users of the subreddit HydroHomies decided to share funny memes to brighten people’s moods and remind them to get that glass of water now and then.

Besides water being a crucial liquid for our body system, it has numerous other benefits. Our body is made of more than 60% water. This is why if a person loses a few percent of their body water, it can cause damage to their physical and mental health.

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#1 Water Is The Solution To All Problems

#2 Hydrohero

#3 Pro Tip

#4 Does This Count?

#5 Me At Work Be Like

#6 All Day Everyday

#7 So Uncivilized

#8 Thought You Guys May Appreciate This

#9 In A Moment Of Weakness, I Ordered A Coke From The Vending Machine. It Dispensed A Water Instead. It Is A Sign

#10 Was At A Vineyard And Almost Got Into A Fight With The Owner Over This Sign

#11 Important Things In Life

#12 This Guy Gets It

#13 Prescription Water Lol

#14 Water Always Cold Unlocked

#15 Best Surname Ever

#16 This Is Why Water Is The Best. It Doesn’t Have Any Ketamine In It

#17 Only Hydrohomies Can Pick This Up

#18 Some Of You Might See A Doctor

#19 Hydrated Ants

#20 We Deserve Respect For What We’re Doing!

#21 She Confused, But She Got The Spirit

#22 What A Silly Thing To Call A Hydro-Throne

#23 Gotta Stay Hydrated

#24 I Found It, Homies

#25 Found This Granite H20 Bench In The Wild Of Ireland

#26 Oh Yeah

#27 Finished My Gallon For The Day And This Appeared On My Leg

#28 Went To The Coke Museum For The First Time With Freinds Today. Had To Share My Favorite Flavor!

#29 Fixed It

#30 When All The Cups Are Dirty

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