The last year and a half has definitely been hard for most people. Most of the time, I was at home because of restrictions. Life stopped for me as I knew and the jelly art business that wasn’t yet finished had to take a backseat. I was determined to continue honing my skills. I decided to increase my skills by learning how to create characters.

A new level of patience and determination is required during the process to create one of these artworks. Most characters require carving on the jelly canvas. A single needle is used to make every Fur andfeather. The eyes of the character look at something. It can take up to 45 minutes for this. A very complex piece of artwork can take up to nine hours for me to complete.

I began to produce more of these paintings and opportunities started rolling in. I never used to teach online courses but it was later that gave me the chance to spread this art form. I have been working on aJelly Alchemy business and decided to create my own channel with the help of one person. I am blessed to say that when a door closes else opens.

Here are some of the art pieces that I am proud to share.

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#1 Pretty Fox

#2 Christmas Inspired Peacock

#3 Tropical Toucan

#4 Lilac Breasted Roller

#5 Trixie The Tiger

#6 This Is Me Taken Together With My Art In Honour Of My Late Grandmother

#7 Christmas Robin

#8 Joyful Pikachu

#9 Jelly Aquarium

#10 Sonic The Hedgehog

#11 Baby Sloth

#12 Jurassic World

#13 Koi In The City

#14 Black Jelly Swan

#15 Super Mushroom

#16 Cute Koala Bear

#17 Pisces

#18 Mermaid’s Tail

#19 White Peacock

#20 New Year Fish

#21 Koi Fish

#22 Cute Rabbit

#23 Mythical Oriental Dragon

#24 Halloween Pumpkin

#25 Miss Fluffy Buns Rabbit

#26 Hello Kitty Mermaid

#27 Beautiful Peacock

#28 Magical Unicorn

#29 My First Cat

#30 Duckling

#31 Unicorn For A Little Girl

#32 Snorlax

#33 A Contemporary Butterfly

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