Wondering Is Majesty Palm Toxic to Cats? Can you grow without worrying? Let’s have a look at all the details to clear your doubts!

The popular houseplant is the kingdom palm. It’s easy to grow, requires minimal attention and adds a tropical look indoors. Some people have doubts about whether the palm is safe for cats. Let us clear that up for you.

Majesty Palm

The palm tree is a native to both the tropical and arid regions. The plant looks similar to the Queen’s Palm, can grow up to eight feet indoors and does best in indirect light.

Is Majesty Palm Toxic to Cats?

Administered to felines, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that Majesty palm is safe. All of the plant’s parts are free from substances that can harm your cat.

Tips for Keeping Your Cats Out of Majesty Palms

Playing with a bit of Majesty Palm leaves can cause harm to your adorable palms, though pet playing and munching on the leaves wouldn’t hurt theirpet. There are ways to get a cat to leave the palm.

1. Grow Catnip

Your animal is attracted to the palm because it loves greens and its desire to eat grass. Cates love catnip.

2. Spread Citrus Fruit Skins

Cats don’t like the scent of fruits that are fresh. Spread their peels around the plant so your cats don’t see them.

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