Voice acting is a huge part of making the movie or series believable as well as interesting, and it might not be on screen first when you watch animation. It’s not enough to have a good narration; you need professionals who pay attention to every detail and are able to connect with the characters.

Have you ever wondered what looks better on an actor than a character? The artist Crystal Ro thought about that and created illustrations imagining famous Disney characters as the voice actors.

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#1 Emma Thompson As Queen Elinor From “Brave”

#2 Kristen Bell As Anna From “Frozen”

#3 Tom Hanks As Woody From “Toy Story”

#4 Kelly Macdonald As Merida From “Brave”

#5 Mandy Moore As Rapunzel From “Tangled”

#6 Idina Menzel As Elsa From “Frozen”

#7 Zachary Levi As Flynn Rider From “Tangled”

#8 Tim Allen As Buzz Lightyear From “Toy Story”

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