I’m a girl from Norway. And I’m a self-taught makeup artist.

My makeup art journey has a beginning. I had eating disorders that went on for a long time in my teen years and early 20s. I started exploring makeup to distract myself from the truth. Makeup was just another canvas to draw/paint on according to me. I could watch out for hours on end and practice that style of body art in front the mirror. Makeup turned out to be a good hiding place, where I could focus on creative ideas. Making up helped me with my eating disorders.

The Nordic Face Awards is a big makeup competition and I entered it. I never did crazy makeup looks before but still entered. I draw and paint with makeup. The results were amazing. I painted with all my makeup and got in the top 5. I won the Nordic face Awards after practicing more and practice harder. This was the proudest moment of my life.

I wanted my work to be better. Do something that is new for everyone. I started playing with lighting one day after doing a full-face makeup look. I got a glow effect whenI cut some holes in something and put it over my softbox. That was the reason I thought about doing glow-in Thedark makeup. I have gotten the hang of using light, UV paint and lighting to make my makeup look better.

This amazing makeup journey proves that something negative can blossom into something beautiful.

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