Montserrat is a volcanic island near the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It was devastated by several eruptions beginning in 1995. Most of the island is off-limits due to the danger the volcano presents. On my first trip in 2008, the Soufriere Volcano was at a low activity level. Ash and sulfur drifted as a plume across the destroyed capital city of Plymouth. The forbidden zone (exclusion zone) was not open to visitors, but the lure to see what had happened was too strong. My 2-week vacation was like living in a science fiction movie. Cars had dissolved into piles of plastic and glass, abandoned homes were scorched and looted. Cattle, goats, and chickens ran wild and enjoyed the abundant guava and Jamun fruits that grew in the area around the town of Cork Hill.


#1 Snack Shop On St George’s Hill

#2 Belham Valley Buried House

#3 Iron Gate Dissolved By Sulfuric Ash

#4 Carbonized Furniture

#5 Ruins Of Plymouth From George’s Hill

#6 Wild Cattle On The Buried Road To Lee’s

#7 Escaped Livestock Denuding Plant Life

#8 Record Of Pyroclastic Flows, Ash Falls And Lahars

#9 Phone Booth Out Of Order

#10 Ash Almost Finished Eating The Metal Parts

#11 Forbidden Zone Warning Sign

#12 The Trickle That Was The Belham River

#13 The Road To Plymouth

#14 Volcano Sending Ash Over Plymouth

#15 Ruins Of Plymouth From A Safe Distance

#16 Inside The Destroyed Church

#17 Melted Bathroom

#18 Remains Of An Auto, Plastic, Rubber, And Glass Only Remain

#19 Scorched Home And Ash Cover Road In Dyer’s

#20 Looted Home, Stove & Fridge Stolen

#21 Christmas Decorations From 1995

#22 Volcano From St George’s Hill

#23 Soufriere Volcano Venting Ash And Sulfur

#24 Curious Goats

#25 Delicious Guavas Grow In Abundance

#26 Jamun Fruit Near Cork Hill, Wonderful Flavor!

#27 Beautiful, But Dangerous Soufriere Volcano

#28 The Soufriere Volcano

#29 Belham Valley With The Smoking Volcano

#30 The Round About At Cork Hill

#31 Home In Richmond Hill

#32 Church In The Town Of Dyer’s

#33 Burned Villa At Dyer’s

#34 Looted Bedroom

#35 Mansion In Elberton

#36 Mansion In Lee’s

#37 Volcano Claims Another Auto

#38 Phone Booth On The Road To Lee’s Yard

#39 Remains Of A Vehicle

#40 A Former Truck, Some Of The Cab & Bed Remain, Tire Poking Through Ash

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