I have been working on a project that is from my heart for three years. I asked the 102 couples photographed to share their wisdom and secrets because they were all married between 34 and 72 years. They honored me with honest, funny and heart-warming responses. Photos of these amazing couples are inspiring for anyone searching for a path to navigate life or who simply wants to appreciate the many faces of love.

My hope is that these couples and all the other Couples who work hard to maintain a marriage are honored. It was not easy but worth the effort to keep a love story alive.

It was a privilege to spend time with these couples and learn about their lives while I captured those portraits. I am hoping you will feel the love in these pictures.

Spending time with each of the couples gave me renewed faith in marriage and helped remind me that love is worth the hard work. I would like to see you remember that as well by looking through these photographs.

There are more than 100 couples and their wisdom in my coffee table album. I have a link on my website to the campaign.

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#1 Married 53 Years

#2 Married 49 Years

#3 Married 65 Years And Still Dancing

#4 Married 56 Years

#5 Married 64 Years

#6 Married 66 Years

#7 Married 40 Years

#8 Married 51 Years

#9 Married 55 Years

#10 Married 43 Years

#11 Married 65 Years

#12 Married 50 Years

#13 Married 46 Years

#14 Married 56 Years

#15 Married 56 Years

#16 Married 54 Years

#17 Married 50 Years

#18 Married 55 Years

#19 Married 42 Years

#20 Married 41 Years

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