Since my early 30’s, when I had my dream to make my way into the beautiful world of creative imaging (blogging), I had a place to live that would let me express myself. I believe in some work, this is actually all that I have done, and I feel very lucky with my career life.

I worked hard on my online portfolio, where I would post frequently. After researching many subjects, I decided to start focusing on food illustration because of the way it brings me pleasure. The online world is very competitive for growing artists. I never got a commission that would allow me to demonstrate my skills or give others the chance to look for mine, even though many people have reached out and mentioned they might need my services.

If you guys and women like my drawings, I may reach the right people. I wish to be involved in an illustration project when it’s done.

Since I have explored a variety of subjects and decided to show you my illustrations for food, that’s all I had left. I hope they will give you joy and inspire you to try something new.

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#1 Ramen Soup

#2 Soy Glazed Chicken

#3 Walnut Rum Cake

#4 Chocolate Cherry Cheese Cream Tarts

#5 Goat Cheese Berries And Jam

#6 Chocolate Cheesecake

#7 Strawberry Tarts

#8 Dumpling Soup

#9 Pancakes With Blueberry Jam

#10 Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

#11 Feuillantine

#12 Fruitcake

#13 Pancakes With Baked Apples And Blackberry Jam

#14 Loaf Cake

#15 Bite Sized Desserts

#16 Prawn Soup

#17 Wonton Soup

#18 Apple Pie With Vanilla Ice Cream

#19 Dumplings

#20 Marinated Olives And Mozarella With Toast

#21 Blueberry Puff Tart

#22 Cheesy Dessert

#23 Cherry Pie

#24 Healthy Appetizers

#25 Pretzels With Butter

#26 Baked Pineapple With Ice Cream

#27 Cranberry White Chocolate Crispy Tart

#28 Tortillas

#29 Caramel Pecan Cake

#30 Amaretto Poached Pear Cake

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