Want to make your Philos bushy? Here are some important tips and tricks on How to Make Philodendron Plants Bigger & Bushier!

There can be a lot of Philodendrons in your houseplant collection. They are easy to grow, and gel in with their surroundings. If you already have one and want to know how to make Philodendron Plants Bigger & Bushier, then we have got your back.

How to Make Philodendron Plants Bigger & Bushier?

1. Keep them in Right Temperature

The temperature range is 65-75F (19-28kts) so the Philodendron grows best. They can be exposed to too much sunlight, shade or darkness. They should not be near air and AC vent cold drafts. You should not expose the plant to a lower temperature.

2. Propagate More Cuttings in a Single Pot

One of the simplest ways to make a plant appear bushier is using plants. Take a big container and grow flowers. They will grow and make it look dense, lush, and beautiful when they populate the container.

3. Prune them Right

A proper pruning routine is required for this plant. If you leave the plant unpruned, it’s going to look leggier and thinner because of the trail.

Things you Need:

Pruning Shears

Hand Trowel

Garden Gloves

Watering Can

Cut off stems that are falling down. it will ensure the plant grows full on top It will grow two more stems by cutting above the node.

4. Give them Proper Light Exposure

People forget that philodendrons need a lot of bright light in order to grow well. It will have a hard time growing in the dark corner of a room and it’s leaves are also vulnerable.

The plant will thrive if it can get the early morning sun for up to 3 hours.

The leaves of the plant can be burned by constant sun exposure.

If you live in an apartment, then keeping it on the balcony for 1-2 hours could provide some shade. It should be brought back to the room once done.

5. Use Well-Kept Tools

Take care of your gardening tools as much as you do of your plants.

Use shears with no rust in them. The accumulated rust on your tools can carry a disease that attacks the philodendrons.

Before and after trimming the plants, rub alcohol on them. If you don’t keep your plants clean, they will transfer from other plants to the Philos.

6. Keep off Pests

Philodendrons are leggy and thin due to their susceptibility of insects. insecticidal sprays are available at local nurseries You could also make one at home.

7. Water the Plants Well

The brown edges and curls on the leaves indicate that there is not enough water. Make sure you water the plant. Keeping an eye on the soil is one of the best ways to follow. When the plant feels dry, give it water for as long a time as is necessary.

8. Maintain High Humidity

Philodendrons thrive in high humidity due to their tropical nature Your Philos need a lot of humidity to grow bushier. Use a humidifier on dry days to help your vines. You can keep your plant on a saucer with pebbles and water to start the atmosphere moist.

9. Repot

They hate staying root-bound. They need space to make their appearance bigger. Allow the plant to breathe and grow bushier by giving it repot every few years. Pruning it the right way will maintain its shape.

10. Fertilizing

Philodendrons don’t grow best if people are mistaken about using too much fertilization. Feed these plants too much because they are not heavy feeders.

If you have used a good quality potting mix, then do not fertilize the plant.

Adding a bit of compost in the growing medium once in 6-8 weeks will give it the boost it needs.

It’s a good idea not to use anyfertilizers for pot mushrooms in water. Just change the water

You can also go for any balanced liquid fertilizer like 10-10-10 or 20-20-20, once in 8-10 weeks.

Occasional application of Epsom salt also helps philodendron.

Avoid fertilizing in winter.

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