Wondering if your Christmas Cactus will bloom this holiday season? Check out these simple tips on How to Make a Christmas Cactus Bloom at Christmas!

The tubular flowers of a Christmas cactus are colorful and both pink and lilac in color. This houseplant has a hard time flowering if not nurtured carefully. There are some amazing tips on how to make a Christmas cactus bloom.

Most Common Mistakes that Stops Christmas Cactus to Bloom

Overwatering during the blooming season

Over-fertilizing after visible flower buds

Interrupted darkness

Placing the cactus at a windy location, which blows away the flower buds

Pruning the plant during blooming season

Frequent repotting of the succulent

How to Make a Christmas Cactus Bloom at Christmas?

1. Ideal Light & Temperature Conditions

It is important to have a good temperature and light in order for the Christmas cactus bloom. The days are shorter and the temperature is cooler than usual.

Put your Christmas cactus indoors. The first flower buds should appear at the minimum temperature of 60 F (15 C).

This period can encompass 16 hours of darkness and 12 Hours for bright sun.

Don’t even turn on a light bulb where you’re keeping the plant.

If you cant keep a dark room, the best way to avoid it is cover your plant with something that will be visible from the street at night and then see it the next day.

This cycle needs to begin at the beginning of September in order for blooms to be full during Christmas. However, you can do this in early November. After a period of darkness the plant will not display its first buds.

Pro Tip: Do not let artificial lighting in your room disturb the dark environment of the cactus.

2. Minimal Watering

A blooming Cactus will adorn your tea table this Christmas if you swear by a few steps!

Water your Christmas cactus sparingly until the appearance of the first flower buds.

Allow excess water to drain out from the soil. Water-logged conditions will rot your succulent.

When the ground feels dry, it’s time to moisten. The plant will be able to bloom after entering dormancy.

After it has formed buds, you should water more frequently. It may cause bud drop if you overwater.

3. Humidity

Christmas cacti thrive in high humidity. Ensure the right humid conditions to help your plant grow.

Christmas cactus requires high humidity in the atmosphere to cultivate blooms. A room with low humidity can be improved by using a humidifier.

It’s possible to create a Humidity tray by filling it with pebbles and water. The mist will make the atmosphere humid. The saucer should be placed over the waterline.

You can also mist your cacti to make them more humid. When the plant is in low lighting, misting must be reduced.

4. Do Not Move

Bud drop can be heart-breaking if you are not cautious while handling Christmas cactus.

Drop off of the flower buds can be caused by a sudden change in light and temperature conditions if you move your cactus to another location.

New buds are too fragile.

Please do not move the succulent or alter the growing conditions until it shows full blooms.

5. Pruning

Pruning the plant at the right time is the best trick to get more blooms at Christmas.

After a month of bloom, trim your cactus. At this time, the plant starts to grow new leaves.

Get rid of a few segments to give it that bushy look. The new leaves will help it bloom further.

Pruning can be done until late spring. Don’t touch the plant in its state during bloom season or just before it starts to grow.

6. Repotting

Christmas cactus loves to stay root-bound. Keep a few things in mind while re-potting.

Repot it in every three years, when the growth seems to have stopped.

During the summer months, when there are new leaves on a Christman cactus, is the best time to repot it. This helps the plant to adapt before it starts.

Never transplant the succulent after the buds appear; it will result in bud drop.

7. Fertilizer

The right feeding schedule is crucial for the plant to bloom during Christmas.

A balanced water-soluble fertilizers is great for cacti. It strengthens the plant’s roots.

Once the plant stops growing in winter, stop giving it fertilization. Salt accumulates around the root of a plant, which will keep it from growing.

Never fertilize a Christmas cactus after visible budding, as it will drop off the buds.

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