Do you want to know How to Grow Snake Plant in Water? We have a detailed guide to help you grow this air-purifying plant with ease!

Sansevierias are versatile and can be used indoors. They look great with the décor. Here are all the details on how to grow a Snake Plant in Water for people who like their plants easy.

Can Snake Plants Survive in Water?

There is an answer to this question. Sansevierias can thrive in water. It may sound odd as snake plants dislike over watering.

You can grow it in the water without any concerns, as long you keep certain points in mind.

Growing Snake Plants in Water

Snake plants can be grown in water with leaf cuts from an existing plant. The roots have to be healthy and strong for a short time. You can grow snake plants in water after roots are formed.

Plants grow best in the water. It is suitable for indoor plants.

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water?

You can do this process at the end of spring or the start of summer.

Things You’ll Require:

Clean, sharp knife or scissors

Vase or glass jar



Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut off a healthy and mature leaf from the base.

Make a clean cut at the bottom—it will boost the chances of success.

Put the cutting in a jar or vase and fill with water so that you can see some of it.

To keep the leaves in place, especially if you are using a small glass, poke toothpicks in them.

The roots will develop in about one to two months.

Requirements for Growing Snake Plants in Water


In bright light, snakes thrive. In a dark place, keep the leaves in their natural location. Direct morning sunlight for 3 hours every day can be obtained by an east-facing window.


Water quality is very important in growing snakes. Rain, pond or RO water is appropriate. If you use tap water, allow it to sit overnight. The water should be changed every 7 days.


Water-grown snake plants are best in warm weather. The plant likes warm temperatures around 70 F or higher.


A balanced liquidfertilizer is used once a month for snake plants. Half spoon is the best way to use half a liter of water for fertilization. You can use the water in an aquarium.

Some Points to Consider

When you change the water, rinse the jar. It will get rid of the nasty ones on the jar surface. The rotten parts or thick brown outer covering of the roots need to be removed.

Snake plants protect them from cold drafts. Keep them out of the window.

Adding a piece or two of activated charcoal to the vase will keep the water clean.

Where to Keep Water Grown Snake Plants?

On center tables, the snakes will look beautiful in jars or narrow vases. They can be placed on the desk, dining tables and tabletops.

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