Fed up and looking for ways on How to Get Rid of Crane Flies? You can eliminate them in a cinch with the help of measures listed below!

If you don’t get rid of them on time, they can bother or damage the plants. We have the answer if you are looking for How to Get Rid of Crane Flies. Some of the most powerful ways to eradicate them are shown.

What are Crane Flies?

Crane flies are a lot like giant mosquitoes, but don’t spread diseases or cause damage. The pests can ruin the peaceful moments of your time on the lawn by getting in to eye and mouth.

Measures To Get Rid of Crane Flies

1. Installing Bug Zapper

The insects which include crane flies are attracted to the light of a bug zapper. It will keep the crane flies out of your garden.

2. Keeping Lawn Clean

The shelter and food for crane fly’s larvay is provided by dead plants, puddles of mud and gore. If you keep your lawn clean, there will be a significant drop in their number.

3. Mowing Lawn

Animals are sheltered in the tall grass. It is important to keep the grass at an optimal height. Take measures to discard the grass.

4. Using Nematodes

Nematodes can get rid of pests that may have hitched a ride on the soil. In order to eradicate crane flies, spraying with a solution of nematodes is necessary.

5. Installing Bird Feeders

Birds are natural prey to small insects. You can have a birdfeeder in the yard. Birds control the pest population but also make gardens more lively.

6. Spraying Pesticides or Insecticides

The application of pesticides is the final and definitive solution to this problem. The soil is rich in insects so it’s important to water after use.

Note: Always go for organic pesticides, as they won’t harm the ecosystem.

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