Disney stories are an integral part of our childhood and many grew up with them. According to some people, these stories can have a negative impact on young women. There is a father who has gone viral on TikTok and the news that he will be modernizing his daughter’s Disney books so she can live better in this modern age.

A daddy from Minnesota who has two daughters on TikTok uploaded the entire process to his website with a video for everyone to watch. He gave many fairy tales twists andTrademarkias, giving them a new look.

His actions have led to a fiery discussion online. The father was applauded for changing gender stereotypes into something more realistic, but others wondered if he had been doing it to suppress classics in order to appear progressive.

Let us know what you think of the project, dear pandas. Are you a fan of his reworked stories or are he mostly fond of the classics? Do you think we should aim to keep updating older works of literature or just publish new and modern stories? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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#1 Merida Is Baking Cookies And Asks For Help. The Boys Say No. She Gives Them Cookies Anyways. Sorry Boys, If You Want A Cookie, Clean Up The Kitchen First

#2 Rapunzel Enters A Contest, Bakes A Pie And Wins… Her Boyfriend Approves. Rapunzel Dreams Big And Wins Top Of Her Class… Now He Bakes Her A Pie

#3 Cinderella Is Forced To Clean, Cook And Is Bullied… And Thinks A Guy Is Her Only Savior. Cinderella Stands Up For Herself Against The Bullies And Now Controls Her Own Destiny

#4 Cinderella Heads To The Ball And Finds Her Prince Charming. Now Adding Diversity To Disney. Cinderella Goes To The Ball And Finds Her True Love!

#5 The Beast Is Sad, Belle Makes Brownies. Belle Worked All Day And Picked Something Up

#6 Ariel Changes Her Body, Leaves Her Friends And Family And Now She’s Baking All For Him. Instead Of Baking, Ariel Orders A Pizza. While The Prince Eats His Pizza… With A Fork, She Finds Her New Love… In Tiktok

#7 In What Universe Is Just Holding A Dustpan Considered Caring? Doc Is Wise And Cleans The Whole House Himself

#8 Bakes Cakes And Cokies And Feeds Her Prince. Sorry Prince, Make Your Own Damn Nachos

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