Everybody will tell you that college graduation is one of the hallmark events of your life. Now, young one, you are supposedly ready for Adult Life. But trust the words coming from a 31-year-old bat; you are not. Nevertheless, it’s still an event that’s worth noting – after all, the sleepless nights of copying Wiki are done, no more instant noodles on the menu (hopefully), and you even get to sleep alone. It’s your moment to be proud of the blood, sweat, and tears (no, not the band that your dad listens to) you’ve shed. While some graduates are already stepping into the Adult role, some are clinging to their salad days by making the most fun on this glorious day. And us, old bats, cannot complain seeing a fresh dose of humor on the same things that we had to live through once. So, although this writer would just love to torture you with more reasonings about life, it’s time to present the ultimate list dedicated to college soon-to-be graduates. A list full of the most ingeniously, hilariously funny graduation cap ideas!

The youngsters featured here have harnessed their creativity and came up with the most magnificent grad cap ideas; clearly, their imaginations haven’t been broken by the machine yet. Some are poking fun at the education system, others are promising to meet their peers in therapy, and some, well, are just slightly teasing everyone around them. Not to mention popular culture references – from Spongebob Squarepants to Fallout, these guys are indeed the proud flag bearers for their favorite pop icons. Oh, and student loans, those are great fuel for creativity, apparently.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s get to work! And by work, I mean scroll down below to finally see what I’ve been going on about for the last couple of minutes. Vote for the graduation caps that you thought were the funniest, share your college experience with us and have a giggle or two. Off you go!


#1 Both My Parents Have Passed Away

#2 My Painted Graduation Cap

#3 Graduated Yesterday. In A See Of Decorates Caps, This Was My Fave

#4 My Sister’s Graduation Cap

#5 Usually I’d Say Decorating Graduation Caps Are Dumb But

#6 Getting Ready For Graduation And I Decided To Decorate My Cap. Thought You Guys Might Appreciate It

#7 My Graduation Cap

#8 My Graduation Cap From A While Back

#9 My Graduation Cap

#10 My GF’s Graduation Cap

#11 I Graduate From My Master’s Program Next Sunday So I Thought This Would Be Appropriate

#12 I Spent A Good Amount Of Time Making This, But I’m So Happy With How My Graduation Cap Turned Out

#13 My Grad Cap!

#14 Just Graduated High School And Decided To Make A Bob Ross Graduation Cap

#15 Thought You Guys Might Enjoy My Graduation Cap

#16 My Graduation Cap With Wise Words From Arya To Begin My Nursing Career

#17 I Know People Have Done Stuff Similar But I Was Really Proud Of How My Graduation Cap Turned Out

#18 Four Years Ago I Switched My Major To Graphic Design

#19 Spongebob Fans This One For You

#20 Kiddo Decorated Her Grad Cap

#21 Parks And Rec Graduation Cap

#22 Lisa Simpson Inspired College Graduation Cap

#23 I Will Not Be Doing It Again

#24 Van Gone

#25 My College Graduation Cap

#26 Graduation Cap Inspired By Another Post I Saw Here

#27 Graduation Managed

#28 Extra Life For A New Level

#29 Hire Me

#30 Game Over

#31 My Graduation Cap! Painted By Myself Using Acrylic Paints, And The Concept Is Entirely Original Too

#32 My Best Friend Just Graduated University With A Double Major In Environmental Studies And Communication And This Is How She Decorated Her Cap

#33 The One Where I Graduate

#34 Graduated In Accounting Last Year – Dedicated My Cap To Ben

#35 Me And The Boys When We Graduate

#36 A New Story A Begins

#37 I Knit My Graduation Cap Decoration

#38 I Figured You All Would Appreciate My Graduation Cap

#39 My College Graduation Cap

#40 Trust My Graduation Cap

#41 Couldn’t Think Of Anything Clever For Graduation, So I Just Hot Glued My Computer Architecture Final To My Hat

#42 A Bit Late, But My College Graduation Cap Decoration Got Some Good Feedback, Just Wanted To Share

#43 I Made A Minecraft Themed Graduation Cap, Seeing As It’s The “End” Of The School Year

#44 So Long Partner

#45 Last Minute Idea For My Graduation Cap

#46 My Sisters Graduation Cap

#47 My Graduation Cap. I Just Had My Make Up 2020 Graduation

#48 Black Panther Cap

#49 Dory Graduation Cap

#50 Welcome To The Real World, It Sucks You Gonna Love It

#51 Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down

#52 My Graduation Cap

#53 Graduation Cosplay

#54 My Graduation Cap

#55 Consider Comics On Your Cap

#56 The Infinity Cap

#57 Figured You Guys Might Like My Graduation Cap From Last Year

#58 My Transfer Student’s Graduation Cap

#59 They Migrated So I Graduated

#60 Graduation Cap

#61 My Graduation Cap Yesterday

#62 I Did It For My Cats

#63 Medicine Owes Black People The Level Of Transparency And Care That It Renders To Others

#64 I Thought You Guys Would Appreciate My Graduation Cap A Little More Than The Regular Person

#65 I Graduate Today! Here’s How I Decorated My Cap

#66 What, Like It’s Hard?

#67 I Hope My Dog Is Proud Of Me

#68 My Graduation Cap

#69 Interior Designer Cap

#70 Awesome Graduation Cap

#71 Just Graduated And This Girl In Front Of Me Had An Awesome Cap That I Had To Share

#72 My Brother’s Graduation Cap For His Master’s Degree Ceremony

#73 My Graduation Cap

#74 I Still Have No Idea What I’m Doing

#75 My Fallout: New Vegas Themed Hs Graduation Cap!

#76 Graduation Class 2021

#77 This Was My Sister’s Graduation Cap Today

#78 Good Morning & Grand Rising

#79 Finally Finished My Graduation Cap

#80 Creation Of A Graduate

#81 This Was My Graduation Hat

#82 Part Of The Journey Is The End

#83 My Sister’s Graduation Cap From Today

#84 Dark Inspired Graduation Cap

#85 The Office Graduation Cap

#86 That’s All Folks

#87 Graduation Season

#88 Finally Graduating

#89 Seriously Though

#90 My Boyfriend Made Me The Best Graduation Cap For My College Graduation

#91 A Girl Has No Job

#92 Not Really A Meme, Just A Proud Father. My Son’s Cap For Graduation Tonight

#93 My Loans Are Over 9000

#94 My Metal Gear Solid Graduation Cap

#95 My Brother’s Legendary Graduation Cap

#96 Baby Yoda Cap

#97 This Graduation Cap

#98 My Sisters Graduation Cap

#99 My Graduation Cap

#100 You Will Bloom

#101 My Fiancee’s Graduation Cap

#102 Any Other Puppy Parents That Can Relate?

#103 A Grad Is Born

#104 I Was Supposed To Graduate Today, But Since The Pandemic Messed That Up, I Figured Y’all Would Appreciate My Cap Design

#105 Go Even Further Beyond

#106 We’ve Collected Graduation Cap Designs From The Class Of 2018 Across The Csu In Our First-Ever CSU Mortarboard Competition!

#107 Believe It

#108 Best Cap Ever At TCNJ Graduation

#109 Decorated My Boyf’s Graduation Cap For His Big Day Yesterday

#110 I Am Pretty Happy With My Graduation Cap

#111 I Waited 12 Years And A Zoom Graduation For My Cap, I Don’t Care If It’s Overdone

#112 Back To The Future

#113 My Favorite Cap From Graduation

#114 Goal Digger

#115 My 2018 Graduation Cap

#116 Just Finished Up My Graduation Cap

#117 Graduation Cap Decoration

#118 I Graduated College Today! Here’s My Cap

#119 Journey Completed

#120 Ultimate Favorite Cap From Spring 2021

#121 My Graduation Cap

#122 Shoutout To All Of Our English Majors Out There

#123 Who You Calling Graduate?

#124 She’s Cyoot And Educated! Can You Believe?

#125 Get In Loser, We’re Graduating

#126 Graduation Cap

#127 Please Do

#128 Cap Of A Dreamer

#129 Graduation Cap

#130 A Sweet Ending To A New Beginning

#131 18 Days Until Master’s Graduation

#132 Adventure Begins

#133 Crying Celebrity Cap

#134 My Daughter’s Graduation Cap In The Style Of A Bob Ross Painting

#135 Graduation Cap Topper

#136 GG EZ Graduation

#137 Final Take

#138 You Can Find Me In New York City

#139 Here’s My Decorated Graduation Cap

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