It’s hard to forget the adventures that were in your childhood. The most random and silly ideas of the past are still remembered with a smile on one’s face. The nostalgic feeling of being at a good time in the past, when things seemed more uncomplicated is something that makes one want to relive it.

The Readingaro invites you to remember your childhood by sharing illustrations created during the early years of adolescence. He is an artist who has done comic books with nice and funny memories. Can you relate, in a way?

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#1 Pure Satisfaction

#2 Listening To Music On A Cassette Tape And Following The Lyrics

#3 Exploring Your Capabilities And Experimenting With Ordinary Things

#4 Falling Asleep Anywhere And Waking Up In Bed

#5 Testing The Things Around You

#6 The Right Way To Use A Clip

#7 Thinking About Running Away From Home After An Argument With Your Parents

#8 Nobody Wanted Their Schoolwork To Be On Top Of The Pile On The Teacher’s Desk

#9 Having A Collection Of Refrigerator Magnets

#10 Sleeping At Your Friend’s House, Waking Up And Not Knowing Where You Are

#11 Anything Could Be A Monster

#12 The Perfect Hiding Place

#13 Trying To Climb As High As Possible In A Tree

#14 Trying To Get Some Fruit From A Tree

#15 Do You Recognize Any Of These

#16 Making Tunnels In The Sand

#17 Going To McDonald’s Felt Like A Celebration

#18 Turning A Sewing Machine Into A Cart

#19 Opening Cupboards With Your Feet

#20 Being Scared After A Night’s Session Of Ghost Stories

#21 Calling The Radio To Ask To Play A Song For That Special Someone

#22 Using Texting Abbreviations

#23 Getting Letters Written On Paper

#24 Buying Comic Books In Bookstores

#25 Bicycle Kid

#26 The Family Always Got Together To Watch The Soap Operas

#27 Having Fun On Your Own

#28 Having Fun With Firecrackers

#29 Jumping On A Pile Of Sand

#30 Cutting Out Pictures And Bringing Them To School To Play

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