We imagine bugs or insects to be gross and even scary. More than one of you can not stand those animals. It is possible to take this opportunity in order to surprise you that the bugs have interesting colors and are related to a bug living under your sink.

Readingaro searched high and low, roaming the internet to find bugs that looked like works of art because they were bright colors or unusual forms. It is a great idea to observe their beauty from the comfort and safety of your own home.


#1 Steel Blue Ladybug

#2 Saw This Little Guy At The Shooting Range Today

#3 Made A New Friend

#4 Not All Bees Are Yellow And Brown, This Is A Northern Blue Banded Bee

#5 The Orchid Mantis

#6 The Pattern On This Moth, Looks Like A Snowman

#7 Altas Moth

#8 Really Cool Grasshopper

#9 Look At Them Eyes

#10 The Amazing Picasso Bug

#11 A Bumblebees Bum And Lil’ Legs Hanging Out Of A Flower

#12 This Moth My Neighbor’s Dog Found

#13 Mecynorrhina Torquata, One Of The Largest Flower Beetles In The World

#14 Eww! Bugs Can’t Be Adorab… Never Mind

#15 Ladybug In Morning Dew

#16 Dalmatian Moth

#17 This Buff-Tip Moth Disguised As Birch Wood

#18 Lady Bug Made A Trail In The Morning Dew On My Car

#19 A White Ghost Cicada

#20 Little Moth Says “Yo”

#21 Spiny Flower Mantis

#22 This Trippy Little Bug Landed On Me Today

#23 Elephant Hawk Moth. Was Cutting Down Some Hedges And Found This Guy In His Chrysalis

#24 Matching Outfits

#25 Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar Pretending To Be A Snake

#26 My Mom Snapped A Picture Of This Bug. Never Seen Anything Like It

#27 Bumblebee Enjoying The Flower

#28 This Bug Mimics Leaf With Veins, Spots And Bite Marks

#29 This Moth I Spotted

#30 Giant Devils Flower Praying Mantis

#31 My Silkworm Hatched From Its Cocoon Today And Became A Tiny Teddy-Bear Bug

#32 This Is My Pet Spiny Leaf Bug

#33 I See The Moth You Found At Work And Raise You This Moth I Found At Home

#34 This Moth Is As Big As My Hand

#35 Found A Ultramarine Pill Bug Today

#36 My Boy, Rainbow Stag Beetle

#37 Hickory Horned Devil

#38 Pretty Green Beetle

#39 Doesn’t It Look Like A Bubblegum?

#40 Polybothris Sumptuosa, A Jewel Beetle From Madagascar

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