We often hear about things that aged like milk and turned sour, to say the least. Think of statements like “Man won’t fly for a million years,” made by The New York Times in 1903 just a few days before the Wright Brothers invented the first plane, or Google advertising itself as “a pure search engine with no links to sponsors, no news feed, no portal litter, no ads, and no weather” in 1999. Read on for more disastrously wrong examples of things that turned sour in our previous post right here.

But this time we’re looking at the opposite examples that stood strong against the test of time and proved they were 100% right. Thanks to the miscellaneous corner of Reddit r/AgedLikeWine, we have some brilliant posts ready below.

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#1 Damn He Called It

#2 We Haven’t Matured In A Century

#3 Don’t Go

#4 He Called It 6 Years Ahead Of Time

#5 This Was Supposed To Aged Like Milk, Sadly It Didn’t

#6 Ricky Gervais In 2016

#7 This Yahoo Poll

#8 Johnny Depp Called This One From The Second Pirates Movie

#9 I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

#10 Batman Setting The Trend 8 Years Early

#11 This Aged Well In The Worst Way Possible

#12 Bill Gates’ Response In R/Iama Question

#13 Guy Beats Cancer

#14 This Tweet Aged Well

#15 Ask And You Shall Recieve

#16 Somewhat Predictable But Still Hilarious

#17 Hands Up Who Owes This Girl An Apology

#18 Simpsons At It Again

#19 When We All Have Pocket Telephones (Daily Mirror, 1923)

#20 The Onion Predicted It To The Letter

#21 This Guy Got The Name Of Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom’s Newborn Daughter Spot On

#22 Unfortunately I Do Have Predicting Abilities

#23 Coming Soon To A City Near You

#24 I Don’t Like Him But He’s Right

#25 This And Hundreds Other Similar Quotes

#26 He’s Back

#27 Think This Fits Here

#28 An Article By The Onion In 2014

#29 I Was Browsing Through The Top Posts Of R/Askreddit And Then I Saw This

#30 Anyone Else Remember Drawn Together?

#31 The Prophecy

#32 This Youtube Comment On A Billie Eilish Video

#33 It’s Perfect

#34 Exactly 2 Years Ago

#35 This Is From The Times Of 2009 H1n1 Pandemic

#36 Be On The Lookout For The Fly In Another 4 Years

#37 X Æ A-12

#38 Who’s Gonna Tell Him…

#39 Corona Beer Shares Dived 8% This Week Amid Fears Of Getting Corona Virus From Drinking It

#40 Aged Like A Million Dollar Wine

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