Worried about your houseplant’s light requirements? Wondering what to do? Here are the telltale Signs Your Indoor Plants Need More Sunlight.

Every plant has a different amount of light they need and you have to be cautious when using the sun as an source for sunlight. Is there a way to be certain of it? Yes, there is. There are some important signs for plants to get more sunshine.

Signs Your Indoor Plants Need More Sunlight

1. Leggy Growth

Leggier growth is one of the best signs to watch out for. New leaves can grow farther apart to find more light and stem smaller.

2. Moving Towards the Light’s Source

This happens when there isn’t enough sunlight to give the plant a full effect, and it starts stretching towards the light making them look sick.

It makes the plant look unbalanced. Ensure that there is even distribution of sunlight on the whole plant by rotating it.

3. Brown Tips & Leaves

The leaves’ tips could be turning brown due to the lack of light. However, you can know more about the reasons for yellow and brown plant parts by visiting this link.

4. Smaller Leaves

Your plants need more sunlight so the new leaf growth is small.

Light is a crucial factor in helping the plant grow and it’s often overlooked. Plants with smaller leaves and dull foliage could be facing a shortage of sun.

Note: Other factors like a smaller pot size, plant in a root-bound state can cause smaller leaves!

5. Pause on Growth

Was your houseplant only trying to survive and not thrive? If the plant hasn’t shown growth for a few months, that indicates it is not getting enough sun.

It is best to keep it at a spot where it can receive at least 2-3 hours of bright sun every day.

6. Dull Foliage

When sunlight Exposure is optimal, variegated plants have a pop of colors in their leaves. The foliage is always bright and lush when the light’s right.

If you notice dull foliage and no color or luster, it is a sign the plant isn’t getting enough light.

7. Soil Stays Wet for Long

The plant is not in a well-lit and airy position if the soil doesn’t dry out for some time.

Whenever there is a lack of sunlight, the plant doesn’t draw up enough water as they need it. Light impact evaporation and transpiration is also missing. This causes the soil to stand for a long time.

8. Faded Colors

The plants are not getting the right amount of sun. Plants that aregated tend to lose their color over time.

Do make sure that the plant is exposed to at least indirect sunlight during the day.

9. Mushy Foliage

The foliage of the plant is showing it isn’t getting enough sunlight. If the leaves feel squishy to touch, place it at a bright spot.

How to Help Plants Get the Right Amount of Light?

The best way to make up for the lack of sunlight is changing location. Depending on the type of plant, you can get more light in this area.

If you want to grow the plant near a window, make sure you don’t expose it to harsh sun.

Supplemental grow lights are also available if the sunlight in your home is not always enough.

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