Here are 8 Strange Plant Tricks for Clever Gardeners that you can learn to make gardening easier and enjoyable!

Looking for ways to make gardening more interesting? These strange plant tricks are useful for cunning gardeners.

Strange Plant Tricks for Clever Gardeners

1. Have Free Houseplants from Food Scraps

Food scraps can be a great way to increase your collection. You can use the fruit or vegetable scraps to grow herbs, fruits and veggies.

To grow avocados from the pit you should plant them in a container. You can also see how kitchen scraps are turned into plants.

2. Ice Cubes to Water

In modern gardening new gardeners always worry about water, and they accidentally kill their plants by over- or under watering.

An easy water hack is ice cubes. Once a week, send water to the soil in order for it to melt and protect against flooding. The roots will be hydrated.

Place the ice cube away from the root or stem. There is a hole at the bottom of the plastic box that you can place several cubes on. The cubes will slowly melt, releasing water into the soil.

3. Try Plant Watering Spikes

The trick will keep the plants hydrated if you forget to water them. It helps if you travel a lot. You can either buy the spikes or make them yourself.

4. Add Humidity with a Saucer of Water

The best way to improve humidity is by putting the container on a saucer or tray filled with water. Water increases humidity when it becomes hot.

You should elevate the container using pebbles. It will save the drainage holes from being blocked.

5. Crowd the Plants Together

The majority of houseplants do well in high humidity. The foliage emits water vapor during transpiration. Plants in a group help each other to thrive, even though it is dry outside.

6. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great way to balance the soil and control weeds. Adding a second gallon of water and lemon juice to it will add more acid to the plant’s growing medium, which is good for acidic plants.

Lemon peel contains many vitamins and minerals, which can benefit the plants in a number of ways. Adding dried peels to pot and garden soil is an easy way of using them.

7. Use Packing Peanuts

Pack peanuts in the bottom of a container. The less growing medium will be better for aeration and the ability to get more air. Adding peanuts will save you some money.

8. Add Rusty Nails!

Plants need iron to grow, and rusty nails can give it. The pot has rusty nails around it. They will help increase the soil acidity by a small amount, which is great for plants that prefer neutral or acidic soil.

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