Do you know about Pencil Uses in the Garden? If not, then go through the below post and learn its exceptional uses for the yard!

There are a few Pencil Uses in the Garden you can use. They are easy to implement and cheap.

Pencil Uses in the Garden

1. Solve Seed-Sowing Problems

Propagation issues become an issue when you have very tiny seeds and a pencil. If you fill the pots with moist soil, replace a packet of seeds into a dish andsharpen a pencil.

If you move the tip on seeds, they will stick to it. The pencil nip can be used to wipe off the seeds. Keep the seed moist with water.

2. Transplant Seedlings

When the plants form, use a pencil instead of chopsticks. You can make a hole in the soil using a pencil. Place the roots in the hole.

3. As a Marker on Plant Tags

Plants can be named using pencils because they are good at weathering both sun and snow. You can change a name with the pencil, one of the great aspects.

4. To Keep an Eye on the Watering Needs

There are a number of ways to help while keeping an eye on the water needs. A pencil is a great tool that can help with the task of knowing when your plant should be watered.

The trick is to put a pencil in the pot and keep it that way. Before you water the plants, make sure your pencil is dry.

5. Pencil Shavings as Mulch

The pencil shavings can be used as mulch. The cedar wood, clay and graphite mix used in pencils is non-toxic and carbon neutral.

When using pencil shaving as a mulch, beware of root rot and the possibility that it can lead to mold. If the issue is present, fluff and rake pencil shaving mulch.

6. Pencil Shaving Compost

Use pencil shavings around the plants to keep pests away.

7. Pencil as a Stake for Tiny Plants

Pencils can be used to stake a small plant, or tie up some old pantyhose. You can also use the pencils as labels while doing so.

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