Follow these Herb Growing Secrets Only Experienced Gardeners Know to enjoy a flavorful harvest all year round with intense fragrance!

Growing herbs is easy, but making sure they have a good taste and rich flavor can be difficult. We can help you with the best kept herb growing secrets.

Herb Growing Secrets Only Experienced Gardeners Know

1. Grow What You Need

Mint has hundreds of varieties in it’s product and you should be surprised that there are so many types.

It is always better to choose the right one for your needs and requirements as it will allow you to grow a plant in a more efficient fashion.

2. Avoid Rich Soil

This is one of the most important secrets in cooking herbs. It is better to use a medium that has high in nutrients. Fertilize these plants less often as it will result in more foliage but not greater flavor.

Pick a growing medium that offers the best drainage, is well-aerated, and has a neutral pH value.

3. Get Starter Herb Plants

It is possible to start herbs from seed, but it can take a long time. There are plants of Rosemary, thyme, and other aromatic herbs for less than a hundred dollars.

This will give you a head start and allow your to begin harvesting them very quickly! Less common varieties would be a good idea.

4. Pruning is a Must!

Pruning herbs make them bushy, full and boost the growth of new leaves.

It’s important to stop the basil and dill from growing flowers as it will divert its energy into making more blooms. If you see flower buds, pinch them to promote their growth.

To harvest the leaves, it is important to pinch the tips of the stems. This will make the plant grow two new branches and eventually it become bushy.

5. Propagate

You can plant herbs quickly through stems! This will make you have multiple herbs, which will give you more harvest!

You just have to take 3-4 inches of the non-flowering stem. Remove the foliage and place them in a glass of water, which will be on the windowsill. The plant will grow quickly. When the roots grow, it’s best to plant their own outside.

6. Don’t Grow Herbs in Shade

For at least 3 hours a day, bask in the sun with herbs. They will grow in shade. As the light gets brighter, it will be better for herbs like lavender and basil.

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