From star-studded celebrities to regular Bamboo-munching s like us, many of us have been there—praying that our hair regrows faster, cuz the haircut we just got is so horrendous, we’re ashamed to leave the house. Things are going to be difficult for a while.

The Justudge. MyStuffUp is also on that site. The online community is amazing, even though we can not mention it full circle. The pics from their latest show the best haircuts of all time, and it’s likely that you will feel better about your current haircut now than when you were wearing one.

Take a moment and vote on the haircuts you thought were worst. Let us know which ones you hated and would rather not love. Readingaro has a feature about the JFMSU in his last column, so if you ever need any more inspiration on what not to do and things that will be fine at your hairdresser’s, check it out.


#1 Double Trouble Time

#2 Hmmm

#3 I Cannot Lol

#4 My Mom Took Up A Hair Cutting Course About 9 Years Ago. With Little Practice She Confidentially Lured My Brother In For A Haircut. This Is The Result. Now I Can’t Make Eye Contact With My Brother Without Laughing

#5 Instagram Never Disappoints

#6 Yeah, So

#7 This Person’s Mom’s Senior Picture, Late 60s

#8 F-Ed Up Russian Style

#9 Yes, The Eyeliner Goes Around The Fringe

#10 …Should We Tell Him, Guys?

#11 I Got A Crush Immediately

#12 The Least You Could Do Is Center The Damn Thing

#13 Came Home From Work This Evening To See That My Wife Gave My Kid A Karen Cut

#14 Coolio These Days

#15 Before, Reference Picture, And After. I’m Beyond Mad

#16 It Looks Like It Was Drawn In Permanent Marker

#17 Uh……. I Got Nothing

#18 Yikes

#19 Russian Three Stripe Cut

#20 Why Hats Were Invented

#21 Advanced Homosapiens -2800AD

#22 One Of The Best Yet

#23 Amish UFC

#24 I’m Speechless

#25 Nice Beard

#26 My Cousin’s Mother In Law From The 70s

#27 Mmm Perfect

#28 Got This Ad On Youtube, I Wasn’t Ready

#29 Comb Over With A Hard Part… Like ‘Moses Parting The Red Sea’ Hard

#30 Gimme That Shrigma Fam

#31 Saw This On Television

#32 Barber Has Got Me A Belter With This One. £15 For The Privilege

#33 On The New Zealand News

#34 Does Facial Hair Count? Jonathan Banks On Csi Miami And Whatever Is Going On With His Chin

#35 This Subaru Salesman

#36 Gwen Shamblin, Former Leader Of A Church In Tennessee

#37 Went To A New Barber Because My Normal One Was Booked And I Have A Date Tomorrow. Asked For A Chin Length Bob. This Cost Me $58

#38 That’s Some Mad Hair

#39 This Guy In My Pre-Calc Book

#40 My Wife Took My 4 Year Old Son To A Barber Shop

#41 Just Saw This Guy On My Way Home Lol, Does His Cut Qualify?

#42 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

#43 This Guy….

#44 Dem Bangs Are On Fleek

#45 Hmmm

#46 New Heavyweight Champion Oleksandre Usyk

#47 Jay-Z’s Hair On The Tiffany And Co. Commercial

#48 Found This While Scrolling Through Instagram

#49 The Result Of Asking My Dad To Go Over My Outgrown Undercut Again. Said He Didn’t Want To “Accidentally Shave Too Far”

#50 Kanye West’s New Haircut

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