For those who think that few good things, if any, came out of the pandemic, let me remind you how we all became at least a little bit more mindful and self-reflective. After all, many people developed new hobbies (or at least tried them!) like knitting or baking, while others took on projects they never had time for, like renovating an old garage in their backyard.

And those who were especially dedicated have turned up with some seriously impressive results. Thanks to the corner of Reddit known as “Something I Made,” we have an amazing collection of DIY projects to get you inspired.

Think of a beautiful handmade gown, a Roman bust aquarium, iridescent stained glass—it seems like nothing was impossible for these creative people who gave their idle hands some work to do.

Psst! Part 1 of the article with more incredible stuff people made while in quarantine waits right here.


#1 My Handmade Gown. Please Rate My Work

#2 Giant Safety Pin Lamp I Made From Aluminium And 3D Printed Parts. It Turns Off When You Close The Pin And There’s A Second Switch In The Point

#3 I’m A Beekeeper And I Preserve Natural Pieces Of Honeycomb I Find Inside Hives With Resin Into Pendants And Art

#4 I Created A Giant, Stormy Wave Painting That I Am Very Proud Of

#5 Some Turquoise Glow Pieces I Made Using Precious Metals, Resin And Glow Pigment So It Absorbs Light To Emit Light

#6 I Make Bumper Stickers That Challenge Stereotypical Narratives About Women

#7 Someone Threw Out My Mum’s Wedding Purse And It Was Ruined In The Rain. I Managed To Save It And Make A Keepsake Pillow. Hoping To Gift It For Her 27th Anniversary. What Do You Think?

#8 I Painted A Watercolour Portrait Of A Pitbull Enjoying The Sun

#9 I Make Backgammon Boards Out Of Pressed Leaves And Foliage, This Is My Favourite One So Far

#10 White Oak Eagle Stump Job

#11 Our Nursery…my Wife Had A Vision And It Deserves To Be Seen

#12 I Made The Yarn, The Hat, And The Human Wearing It

#13 I Made These Two Pieces By Painting On Top Of An Acrylic Pour

#14 Made A Fake Security Camera Birdhouse From Scrap Wood

#15 I Made Some Shelves

#16 My Handmade Wedding Dress

#17 Little Triceratops With Flowers

#18 A Pet Portrait I Completed In Pastel Pencils And Panpastels ✏️

#19 Hello Everybody! I Am Engaged In Deer Antler Carving (Just Want To Inform You That You Do Not Need To Kill Deer For This. Every Winter Deer Shed Their Antlers To Grow New Ones) These Are My New Hairpins. I Want To Share This With You

#20 I Made A Pair Of Boots For My Partner

#21 I Made All Of These This Week. Rather Than Listening To Negative Persons Who Called Them Ugly Earlier Today, Im Still Proud Of Them

#22 Lord Of The Rings Bag And Book Cover Combo I Just Finished

#23 I Hand Painted This Helmet!

#24 Up Cake!

#25 I’m Making 1,000 Of These 3″ Tall Hearts To Sew Together To Make A Quilt. Laying Them Out Like This After 3 Months Of Sewing, Cutting And Stuffing Was Incredibly Satisfying. I’d Like To Share The Fruits Of My Labour With A Group Of Folks Who Will Appreciate It. I Hope You Enjoy This Image

#26 A Lakeside Firepit I Built (100% Solo!) With Native River Rock. This Is The Biggest Freestanding Stone Structure I’ve Ever Built

#27 A Portrait By Me

#28 We Turned Our Son’s Race Car Bed Into A Pirate Ship

#29 Favourite Bouquet Of The Week, I Loved Making This!

#30 My Best Tie Dye Work Yet! What Do You Think?

#31 My Very First Welding Project!

#32 This Ghost Lady I Made With Chicken Wire

#33 Wood / LED Desk I Made From Scrap Cuts. Probably My Favorite Commission To This Day

#34 My Crochet House Plant Collection!

#35 Mechanical Owl Key Hooks That I Designed And Printed

#36 I’m An Adult And My Friend Is Moving Away. I Made Her A Friendship Bracelet As A Parting Gift

#37 My Daughter’s 11th Birthday Cake. 12” Diameter, 10” Height. All Frosting, Filling, And Cake From Scratch. Not Bad For A Dad

#38 Grumples The Mushroom Mug (Mushroom Cap Comes Off), The First Of His Species

#39 I Made A Gemstone From A Piece Of Glass From A Beer Bottle

#40 Secret Room Tardis. Our Son Always Wanted A Secret Room So I Built Him This Dr Who Tardis. It’s Bigger On The Inside!

#41 My Sister Is Starting Her Own Business Doing Hand-Made Home Decor. She Seriously Doubts Herself But I’m Really Proud Of Her And I Want You To See The Beautiful Stuff She Makes

#42 Back To Wearing Masks At Work, So I Made A New One Out Of 4mm Eva Foam And Foam Clay. I Made The Cigar Light Up With Some Flickering Tealight Leds And Made A Switch I Can Press With My Lip. Pretty Happy With It

#43 Did It All Myself. Proud Of The Result, Let Me Know Your Opinion

#44 I Made A Knife With A Handle Of Old Skateboard Decks

#45 I Invented My Own Alphabet And Turned It Into A Font For A Book I Made!

#46 Beth Harmon’s Mint Green Dress From The Queen’s Gambit Recreated

#47 I Made Grilled Chicken Sandwiches On Ciabatta Bread Out Of Clay

#48 I 3D Printed Some Purposely Visible Hearing Aids Because My Normal Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids Suck

#49 Turned My TV Into A Nintendo Switch

#50 I Made A Roman Bust Aquarium!

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