The most amazing place on the planet and side of our universe is also one of the craziest places. The beauty of the country, however, goes deeper than the gorgeous fjords, (sometimes) slumbering volcanoes, and windswept tourists you find on the covers of brochures (though the nature there is truly stunning and a large part of the draw).

We hope that this list is useful to you, as we know how important community and happiness are in the world. Let us know what you think about the country, by upvoting the facts that caught your attention. If you have ever been to see Iceland, are there any stories that could help?

Readingaro has previously written about the wonderful country here and there, so you should check that out after this list.


#1 Iceland Has The World’s Highest Gender Equality

#2 Polar Stratospheric Clouds Over Iceland A Few Days Ago

#3 Without An Address, An Icelandic Tourist Drew This Map Of The Intended Location (Búðardalur) And Surroundings On The Envelope. The Postal Service Delivered

#4 This Street In Iceland

#5 Breathtaking Icelandic Landscape

#6 Elephant Rock – Don’t Miss Out The Natural Statue Of Gaint Elephant Near Heimaey Island, Iceland

#7 Fun Fact Iceland Is Full Of Rainbows. Their Rainbow Paths Were Created To Show Their Immense Support For Pride, Diversity, And Acceptance

#8 Beautiful Photograph Taken In Iceland Where The Blue Sea, The Black Beach, The Yellow River And The Green Fields Meet In Perfect Harmony

#9 The Viking Sword Road In Iceland

#10 My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

#11 Information Sign Nr 1, Geysir Iceland

#12 Iceland Does Not Want To Deal With Your Stupidity – And I Think That’s Beautiful

#13 Modern Icelandic Houses Are Built With Geothermally Heated Water Pipes Under Their Sidewalks So Icelanders Never Have To Shovel In Winter

#14 Town In Iceland Paints A 3D Pedestrian Crossing To Slow Traffic

#15 The Arctic Fox Is The Only Land Mammal Native To Iceland

#16 Work Signs In Reykjavik, Iceland Feature A Female Worker

#17 This Is How Glacier Rivers Looks From Above In Iceland

#18 The Icelandic Pledge For Tourists

#19 In Hólavallagarður Cemetery, Iceland, It’s Said Trees Are Planted On Graves As A Old Norse Tradition. You Can Touch The Trees As A Way To Connect With The Deceased

#20 This Poster Under A Camera In Iceland

#21 Teddy Bear Quest

#22 The Coolest House I Found During My Trip In Iceland

#23 My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View

#24 Went To A Beach In Iceland And Took A Full-Color Picture That Looks Entirely Grayscale

#25 There Are Places In Iceland Where You Can Be Standing On The North American And European Tectonic Plates At The Same Time. This Rift Was From An Earthquake

#26 Sheep Taking Shelter In A Tunnel In The Westfjords Of Iceland While A Bad Storm Blows Over

#27 Every Stop Light In Akureyri, Iceland Is Shaped Like A Heart

#28 Blue Lagoon In Iceland, A Geothermal Hot Spring

#29 Reykjavík Looking Extra Soft After Today’s Snowstorm

#30 Painted On The Side Of A Little Cafe In Iceland

#31 Meet Óttarr Proppé, Iceland’s New Minister Of Health

#32 People Gathered Around Lava, Iceland

#33 Went To See A Volcano That Is Only A Couple Of Kilometers Away From My Home. This Volcano Has Been Erupting For The Past Months In Iceland

#34 This Is The Last McDonald’s Burger Sold In Iceland

#35 Krónur Coins, The Icelandic Currency, Have National Marine Species As Heads

#36 Black Church In Iceland

#37 No Church In The Wild. Oldest Church Of Iceland, So Cute

#38 Fun Fact The Sheep Population Of Iceland Is More Than Double The Human Population

#39 Icelandic Girl Watering The Rooftop Of A Restaurant In Downtown Reykjavik

#40 Laugarvatnshellar Caves. House Built Into A Hill In Iceland

#41 Fun Fact About Iceland

#42 Speed Bump And Cross Walk Signs In Iceland Look Like Alien Abduction

#43 This “Where Are You From” Map At The Aurora Museum In Reykjavík, Iceland

#44 Icelandic Condoms

#45 This Gate Made From An Old Bike In Reykjavik

#46 Remember That Icelandic Mayor Who Was Offering Signed Pictures Of Himself? Yeah. Mine Arrived Today

#47 This Scuba Crossing Sign In Þingvellir, Iceland

#48 In Iceland, There’s No Such Thing As The Flavour “Ranch”

#49 Today I Drank Straight From An Icelandic Glacier. The Finest Of H20

#50 A Convenience Store In Reykjavik, Iceland Has A Well As You Walk In

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