Ah, fashion! It’s that wonderful thing that we used to care a lot about before the pandemic. Now that mass vaccination programs are continuing with great success in some countries, we can once again open up our wardrobes and take a peek at what we could potentially replace our overused sweatpants with. We’re going to have some people to impress pretty soon as lockdown regulations keep getting relaxed and summer is starting to hit its stride.

However, even if you feel lost in the stylish world of clothing and don’t know the difference between ‘Armani’ and ‘armadillo,’ you really shouldn’t worry all that much. Whatever you dress like, it really can’t be as bad as the photos of horrendously designed clothes that our dandy Readingaro team collected to serve as a warning for everyone everywhere at all times. Socks with sandals? You wish things were that simple.

As you’re scrolling into this fashion disaster minefield, let your inner critic loose: let us know which items you think should go the way of the dodo, upvote the pics that you think are the worst of the worst, and share your personal tips for dressing well this summer in the comments. (PS—you’ll find more epic clothing disasters right here, here, and here.)

We got in touch with a fashion designer to tell us all about how to avoid making style mistakes (from over-accessorizing to wearing the wrong shoes), what colors are ‘in’ this summer, and why designing clothes is far harder than it might seem from the outside. You’ll find our full interview with her below.


#1 Where Is Uranus? My 9-Month-Old’s PJs Leave No Doubt

#2 Balenciaga’s $2,145 Bag That Looks Exactly Like IKEA’s 99-Cent Tote Bag

#3 The Pockets On Women’s Trousers

#4 Red Nail Stockings

#5 How Many Ways Can You Read It In?

#6 The Color And Positioning Of The Lace Used On These Women’s Underpants

#7 Why Those Pants Look Like That One Soccer Ball Everyone Has But Doesn’t Know Where It’s From

#8 $490 To Look Like You Don’t Know How To Wear Glasses

#9 Lock Up Your Daughters vs. Does My Butt Looks Fat In This Diaper?

#10 So My Sister Had A Clemson Mask Made For Her

#11 Maison Margiela Pre-Destroyed Sneakers For $1425

#12 My GF Got This Jacket Because It Has Pockets

#13 This Clothing Brand For Kids

#14 Girls Is Can What?

#15 My Wife Has Had This Sweater For Over A Decade And She Still Questions Why They Didn’t Use The Eagle As The V

#16 Giving Up Is Simply An Option

#17 Nordstrom Sells Jeans With Fake Mud On Them For $425

#18 I Just Realized That My “Los Angeles” T-Shirt Has New York Skyline In The Back

#19 There Are Holes In The Bottom Of This Shoe The Perfect Size For Some Pebbles

#20 Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy

#21 Just Gonna Put It Right There On The Crotch Huh?

#22 Oh Great, A Shirt That Makes It Look Like You Got In A Fight With A Bottle Of Mustard And Lost

#23 Pants That Make You Look Really Pissed

#24 These Gucci Shoes Are Intentionally Made To Look Dirty

#25 Marge Simpson Has Two Mouths On The Official Simpsons Pajamas

#26 So My Boss Found Out That I’m A Fan Of The House Of 1000 Corpses Movies And Bought Me A Captain Spaulding Mask. This Showed Up

#27 Don’t Ask Me How I Found This

#28 Pants That Start With A Stain

#29 Pedo Power??

#30 Socks For Squared Feet

#31 Gucci Sells Jeans With Fake Grass Stains

#32 English-Words-In-A-Shirt Type Hoodie. Non-Ironic Taipei, Taiwan

#33 My Girlfriend Went Thrifting And Found This. Also The Jordans Are Fake If That Wasn’t Obvious Enough

#34 This Dolce Gabbana Jute Dress Costs $2118

#35 Where’s The Rest Of It?

#36 This Elsa Backpack Has A Mask On It So You Can Wear It. But If It’s On The Backpack, Elsa Looks Dead On The Inside

#37 Cowboy Boots, Frozen Themed, And A Random Hole. Yup Shoes

#38 $425 Artsy Jeans Look More Like A Crime Scene

#39 This Message On A Child’s Sweater

#40 Fat Mily Weekend 2018

#41 The Print On These Used Bikini Bottoms

#42 These Shoes Let Me Take The Road With Me

#43 Arrived From Amazon Today, Still Trying To Work Out What The Hell They Say

#44 This Shirt Looks Like A Used Pad

#45 Underwear With Edward Cullen’s Face On It For The Purest Twilight Fans

#46 Still Beats The Alternative

#47 Never Up

#48 The American Flag On My Dad’s New Hoodie

#49 Tybalt’s Clothes From One Of The Romeo And Juliet Movies. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

#50 A**

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