You’ve probably heard about his majesty, the king and the queen of all the delicious cakes smothered with whipped cream, the hedgehog cake. Started as a sincere baking fail by someone who thought that making such a dessert would be a walk in the park, it quickly turned into an internet craze with people deliberately making the worst hedgehog cakes out there. Take a look at some wonderfully awful examples in our previous entry right here.

But a hedgehog cake is far from the only way a cake can turn from good to decent, and then drop to a monstrosity. In fact, confectionery is the perfect environment for some of the funniest, craziest and unexpected fails worthy of a place in the camera roll hall of fame.

So today, we compiled a list with some of the most stomach-churning cakes that show you to be careful what you wish for and do not underestimate a carrot cake that your local bakery is nailing effortlessly. It doesn’t mean you will nail it too.

Scroll down, upvote your favorite pics and be sure to check out our previous posts with cakes with threatening auras, cakes made by decorators who took instructions too literally, and expectations vs. reality-type of cakes.


#1 My Cousin Wanted Cake And Ordered One. Told The Bakers To Write Whatever They Wanted Because It Was For Just For Her Anyways

#2 My Mom Knows I Like Hedgehogs, She Said I Couldn’t Come In The Kitchen All Day She She Spent All Day Making Me A Surprise Birthday Cake. Love You Mom

#3 My Mom Ordered A Graduation Cake With A Cap Drawn On. I Guess They Misheard

#4 Mother-In-Law Just Served Me This Piece Of Cake

#5 My Darth Maul Birthday Cake Ate Too Much Cake

#6 Baby Yoda Cake

#7 I Asked For A Cake Wreck Fail For My Birthday. They Nailed It

#8 The Ice Cream Cake I Ordered For Valentine’s Day Said “I Love You” But Some Of The Letters Fell Off During Transit

#9 Dear God No..

#10 My Son Turned 1 Yesterday. This Was The Topper To His Space Themed Cake. Left Is What We Ordered, Right Is What We Got

#11 My Friend Made A Danny DeVito Cake For Her Friend. It’s Worse In Person

#12 My Buddy’s Girlfriend Farted In Front Of Him For The First Time. He Got A Cake For The Occasion

#13 Found This Cake Today

#14 Mi mujer no entiende por qué todo el mundo se ríe de su pastel

#15 I Made My Friend A Campfire Cake For Her Birthday But The More I Look At It, The More It Looks Like A Flaming Pile Of Poop

#16 Tried A Mirror Glaze

#17 How Do You Want Your Birthday Cake Decorated? I Don’t Care

#18 We Ordered The Cake On The Left And Received The Cake On The Right. Elmo Has Seen Better Days

#19 A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use

#20 Ordered A Birthday Cake For My Niece

#21 Throwback To That Time I Tried My Triedest To Make My Larry A Chewbacca Cake

#22 My Girlfriend Brought Me A Cake To Work For My Birthday

#23 Yummers!

#24 Unicorn

#25 Corgi Cake For My Boyfriend’s Birthday

#26 I Wanted A Cake That Looked Like My Cat It Was A Fail But It’s Still Pretty Cute

#27 Someone Brought My Sleep Paralysis Monster To Life

#28 We Wanted To Create Something Beautiful For Our Wedding Cake. I Turned Out To Be A Pregnant Sumo Wrestler

#29 Olaf Cake

#30 Spiderman

#31 I Recreated The Cursed Hedgehog Cake, But As A Baked Alaska

#32 Steve Harvey Cake

#33 This Cake Looks Like A Wet Gremlin Went Leather Face Texax Chain Saw Massacre Style And Is Wearing The Face Of Another Wet Gremlin

#34 I Just Couldn’t Wait To Share This

#35 I Was Asked What I Want Written On My Cake. I Said Nothing

#36 Kill Me

#37 We Requested A Friends Themed Cake

#38 Shrek

#39 Grooms Cake Disaster, What We Wanted Vs. What We Got

#40 My Mum Loves Those Pictures Of Ugly Hedgehog Cakes, So I Made Her A Zero Sugar/Low Carb Version For Mother’s Day. Delicious And Terrifying

#41 Tried To Make A Fox Cake For My Partners Birthday And This Monster Was Created Instead (Added Sprinkles To Soften The Blow)

#42 My Mum Was Asked To Make A Baby Shower Cake. Let’s Just Say, No One Wanted To Cut The Cord

#43 Cake Fail

#44 Blursed Hedgehog Cake

#45 Made A Pikachu Cake

#46 [oc] Kill Me

#47 My Girlfriend Spent $100 To Get Me A White Claw Cake For My Birthday. She Was Less Than Pleased With The Result

#48 Ordered Cake On The Left, Received Cake On The Right

#49 Birthday Cake My Mom’s Friend Wanted A Replica Of vs. What She Got – 50€

#50 I’m Glad We Only Paid €72 For This

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