It’s a universal truth that a school subject is as interesting as its teacher or the materials they provide. Take history, for example. Memorizing dead people’s names, distant places, and so many dates; at the wrong hands, it can become quite boring.

But at the right ones, it becomes a valuable tool, showing how past societies, systems, ideologies, governments, cultures, and technologies were built, how they operated, and how they have changed. Not only does this knowledge make people more rounded, but it also inspires and accelerates one’s critical thinking, a skill that transfers to every intellectual pursuit.

Plus, it can also be fun! We at Readingaro expanded on our earlier list and put together a new collection of the best history memes on the internet.


#1 Imagine

#2 Nestlé Biting Their Tongue

#3 Anyone Know Her Of?

#4 Simps

#5 It Really Do Be Like That

#6 Dog History Memes Are Undefeated

#7 Those Cows Are Beautiful

#8 Low Blow

#9 Relatable

#10 Humans Rock

#11 Shoutout Yuri

#12 Here We Go Again

#13 Wars Suck

#14 Astrologers Be Like

#15 Innovation Is Scary

#16 Gotta Love Geography

#17 Canadians Are So Nice

#18 Why Lord Mittens, You Look Ravishing!

#19 Respec

#20 Feels Good Man

#21 Sheeeesh

#22 You’re Killin Me, Pilgrim

#23 Read The Primary Sources, People!

#24 Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

#25 It Do Be Like That

#26 Home Of KFC’s Secret Recipe

#27 Effective & Efficient

#28 Fashion Is A Matter Of Historical Perspective

#29 Keep Your Voices Down; The English Could Walk In At Any Minute

#30 “Will You Update Your Portrait, Caesar?” “No, I Don’t Think I Will”

#31 The Strike Was Truly An Up And Down Kind Of Affair

#32 Sick Balcony

#33 Don’t Be Tricked By The Puppets, Morty…

#34 ‘look Who’s Laughing Now, Pierre!’

#35 My Stomach Hurts

#36 Weird How Many People Found Their True Calling During The Prohibition

#37 ‘are You Sure You Don’t Want To Come In And Browse My Bedding Wares, Hans? You Look Tired From All That Intimidation You’re Trying To Do’

#38 Like Father Like Son

#39 Me Who Knows That They Were Built By Aliens:*signature Look Of Superiority*

#40 Funny How Pop Culture Can Change How We Remember History

#41 We Are Perfect

#42 I Wish Jesus Gave Me A Cool Nickname

#43 The War Never Really Left Him

#44 Domestication Always Comes With A Heavy Price

#45 Rip Captain Cook

#46 You Know, I’m Something Of A Philosopher Myself

#47 The Odds Were Stacked Against The Scots

#48 “Lenin, Stop Taking Selfies! We Have A Civil War To Win!”

#49 ‘mamma Mia, Have You Never Heard Of The Frogmen At Alexandria?!’

#50 “What About Engineering, Anakin? That Could Be Fun, Right?”

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