In North America, Halloween is a big holiday but not as popular in other areas. It is a great time of year for people to decorate their homes, eat pumpkin spiced food and carve jack-o’ lanterns.

What is Halloween like for kids? They can dress up like their favorite cartoon characters for a day, and not wear boring clothes. It’s always interesting to see what the kids want their costumes to look like.


#1 She Looks Just Like Grandma

#2 My Son Maverick Was Born At 25 Weeks. He’s Been So Strong Throughout His Stay In The Nicu And, Hopefully, Will Be Coming Home In December

#3 Burn The Witch

#4 “There Is No Crying In Baseball!”

#5 A Headless Knight These Days

#6 My Assistant To The Regional Manager

#7 My Son’s Young Maleficent Costume I’ve Been “Working On” For Two Years Finally Finished By His Mom Just In Time For Halloween

#8 Why Be A Princess, When You Can Be A Queen? Maleficent: Now Serving October 2020

#9 A Kid Dressed Up As “Coronavirus” For Halloween

#10 I Pity The Fool

#11 My Daughter Nailed Her Minister Of Silly Walks Costume

#12 School District Doesn’t Allow Halloween Costumes

#13 Pants

#14 This Year, My 10 Year Old Finally Let Me Make His Costume

#15 My 2-Year-Old As The Colonel

#16 Clowns – The Reason I Can’t Sleep At Night. Pyper Is The One Exception. How She Manages To Be Cute And Scary, I’ll Never Know

#17 My Kid In A Homemade Cousin It Costume

#18 Our Son Was Born At 25 Weeks Almost 2 Months Ago. His Nurse Made Him This Epic Costume

#19 Here’s My Twins As Slinky Dog

#20 Saw The Other Post, And Had To Share This. My Brother And Me, Halloween 1977, Also Among The First Generation Of SW Cosplayers

#21 And The Best Costume Award Goes To

#22 A Happy Belated Halloween From Our Artsy Family

#23 My Niece Is Obsessed With RBG And I Think She Nailed Her Halloween Costume

#24 This Is The Cutest Halloween Costume

#25 My Daughter Shaved Her Head For St Baldrick’s Last Month, So She Went As Eleven For Halloween

#26 My Boy Was Freddie Mercury For Halloween

#27 This Year For Halloween She Wanted To Be A Jellyfish. Say No More, I Got This. Practical On So Many Levels

#28 He Wanted To Maui For Halloween But Wouldn’t Let Me Draw The Tattoos

#29 Baby’s First Costume

#30 My Daughter Wanted Her Baby Sister To Be The Goldfish To Her Cat In The Hat This Halloween

#31 My 2-Year-Old Son As Pennywise. I Made The Entire Costume And Am Extremely Happy With How It Turned Out

#32 My Son Wanted To Be Ash For Halloween, So Naturally His Baby Sister Was Pikachu

#33 My 11 Year Old Daughter As Sir Elton John. Saturday Night’s Alright For Frightening

#34 Ace Ventura! My Daughter Really Got Into Character This Halloween

#35 My Son As The Rock

#36 Perfect Halloween Costume

#37 My Kids Were Doc & Marty From BTTF

#38 My Cousin’s Halloween Costume

#39 Regarding Naptime, I Dissent

#40 My Son’s Link Costume

#41 Starter Pokemon Triplets

#42 Dressed As The Coolest Professor This Year

#43 Age 4 On Halloween In 1990. Fortunately I Had A 1up

#44 My 10-Year-Old Wanted To Be A Very Famous Singer For Halloween

#45 I Thought I’d Share Here My Son’s Halloween Costume

#46 We Always Joked That Our Little Guy Looked Like A Mandrake Root When He Cried. Therefore, We Dressed Him Up As One For His First Halloween

#47 Matilda

#48 My Family’s Avatar The Last Airbender Costumes

#49 My Cousin’s Kid After I Handed Him A Head. I Give You: The lorian

#50 My Kids Are Sus

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