Follow these Genius Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens to bring a stylish look smartly with easy systematized tricks to your apartment!

If you live in a small apartment or studio, these genius space saving hacks will be of benefit.

Genius Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens

1. Fix a Towel Holder Inside Kitchen Sink

You can use the unused space by installing a magnetic cloth holder. If you put a tray beneath the cloth, that will cause more problems than it resolves.

2. Set a Dish Drying Rack On the Wall Along with Sink

The drying rack should be built using wire baskets, cutlery casket and s-hooks. This hack will give you more room in the kitchen.

3. Reuse an Office Supply Organizer

Hang an office supply organization from the wall beside a kitchen sink. The sponge can be stored with dish soap and the netting helps draw water from it.

4. Attach a Sponge Holder to the Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen counter can be ruined by the mess of wet sponge if a single pan is not set up.

5. Make Clamps into a Utensil Rack

The utensils look messy and disorganized. You can keep these items on a wooden plank.

6. DIY a Pull-Out Cutting Board with a Middle Hole

A pull-out cutting board with a middle hole makes preparing food quicker and can easily be thrown away.

7. Keep Pans Sideways

50 percent of the kitchen’s total storage consists of pans stacked on each other. The best way to use compact space is by stacking them and storing them sidelong in a standing position.

8. Single Bowl Sink

A double bowl sink has charm but is not always used. They fit large pans, dishes and counter space into a single bowl.

9. Pull Out Pantry

You can store your groceries and utensils in a rack according to what you want. It will take less than a foot.

10. Build Shelves

Adding more than one shelf in the cabinet will make it easier to store larger items.

11. Cabinet for Storing Vegetables and Fruits

A fruit basket on the counter will bring accessibility and beauty to your kitchen. You can easily grab a fruit with this hack.

12. Three Tiered Hanging Wire Baskets

If you hang a wire basket from the ceiling in your kitchen, it will allow for onion and garlic to be placed on top of second floor oranges or bananas. Follow the work.

13. Renovate Drawers with In-built Baskets

Store all these items in wicker baskets. Vegetables can’t be seen from kitchen counter and other areas.

14. Expand the Space by Making Cabinets All the Way to the Ceiling

Storage space can be given to less frequently used objects. It makes your kitchen more spacious.

15. Magnetic Holders

Place your knives in a magnetic one instead of buying a knife holder. You can save counter space by buying a magnetic knife strip, which will fit on the wall and fridge.

16. No Kitchen Door

An open kitchen door allows for more space, and is also a style statement to the whole look.

17. Over The Sink Cutting Boards

You can keep all of the cutting boards in the sink when you’re short on space.

18. File Folders in the Kitchen

You can put your file folders under the kitchen sink to keep cleaning supplies there.

19. Plastic Bag Holder

Use a tissue box for garbage bags and small rags. It is one of the best space saving hacks.

20. Make a Command Station

Attack the chalkboard paper and pockets inside of the cabinet so everyone can easily read it

21. Utensil on a Pegboard Wall

Screw-in a variety of curved, angled, and straight hooks to hang measuring cups, mugs, and cookware.

22. Dividers in Drawers

Keep your kitchen an essential part of the look in order to have a seamless one.

23. Towel Bar Over The Sink

The metal bar is placed above the blank wall. They can hang soup spoons.

24. Give Your Pantry a Store-like Look

Simply put the new boxes behind opened products if you follow the first-in First Out rule. Things should be organised with labels.

25. Fill Narrow Areas

The narrow space between the fridge and the wall can be used to keep canned goods.

26. Use Insides of Cabinet Doors

If you want to keep spoons and cups out of full drawers, hang them on the back of a cabinet door.

27. Fill Up the Cabinet Sides

Hanging heavy, clunky items from the side of a cabinet can be accomplished by hanging hooks.

28. ‘In-Between’ Drawer

The slim gap units between the drawers can be used to build a pull-out cutlery drawer.

29. Slide into a Wall

If you have unused space on the other side of the wall, build a cabinet that will fit into it and keep groceries in there.

30. Two-Layer Drawers

Instead of having deep drawers, try two-story ones with inside sliders and a top layer for serving dishes or utensils.

31. Mini Table for Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, then there’s the option of putting in mini table with wheels to store things. It can be used as a mini counter too.

32. Hooks to Hang Mugs

While mugs are not a problem for shelf space, you can hang them by handles under cabinets or other place where there is less room.

33. Dividers for Baking Sheets, Pans, and Lids

There are pan dividers and dishes in a cabinet. Baking sheets and pans can be arranged in a way that’s appropriate to the shelf.

34. Drawer Spice Rack

You can store your jars in a shallow drawer and have them at hand when you cook.

35. Hang Stemware

Stemwares can be hung under a cabinet. Place wine glasses into hidden storage.

36. Rolling Shelves

Have rolling shelves and keep things organized and accessible on the downside of deep cabinets.

37. Miniature Susan Inside a Kitchen Cabinet

Place a small Susan under the sink for storing items to clean.

38. Space-Saving Containers

The contents of air-filler bags occupy less space than the boxes they are in. The space saved can be put into containers that are transparent and labeled.

39. Roll Up Tea Towels

People fold tea towels and make a tower of them but store the towel in an easy to access drawer.

40. Keep Small Snack Packets in Baskets

This will help you organize your cabinet. There are snack packets like oats, which can be kept in a basket for easy access.

41. Make the Best Use of Space

To have a clean aesthetic and easy access, labels the shelves. It will keep things tidy when people are lazy to organize.

42. Repurpose a Nook

A breakfast place for two can be found in the small kitchen’s under counter. This way, you could have a dining area in the kitchen.

43. Riser on Counter

Choose a natural wooden shade that blends with countertops if you want to double the available space. It will make life more convenient if you can eat without a table.

44. Under Table Storage

Add a drop-leaf table to the kitchen and you’ll be able to give more space for storing stemware.

45. Use the Space on the Top of the Fridge

Don’t let a small inch of space go to waste. Keep items you don’t use daily in the fridge to maximize its unused space.

Note: The top of the fridge gets warm so avoid storing perishable items or food.

46. Buy a Thin Storage Rack on Wheels

You can store cleaning supplies in a storage rack that’s thin, tall and wheeled to make them easier to get around.

47. Vintage Locker in New Pantry

The mini storage unit can be transformed into a stylish pantry to keep spices, snacks and other grocery items organized.

48. Hang  Spoons on DIY Wire Rack

This design is great for hanging pans, spoons and mugs to maximize your storage area. You can follow the do it yourself.

49. Hang Hooks Behind the Door to Hang Stuff

Hooks behind a cabinet or kitchen door will help maximize space. You can hang it to store kitchen items.

50. Use IKEA Cart to Grow Salads

Growing salads and herbs is great with ikea carts! You can bring them back to the kitchen so you’ll have a fresh harvest after about 2 weeks.

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