The medical world is very good. A person developed an allergy to cold air a year ago. A Brazilian guy surprised his doctors with three kidneys. That’s just the beginning. There are many cases we never thought of that still surprise us today. You can find most of them on the site. Since its inception, it has seen a number of interesting posts and is an online community that provides medical professionals with the opportunity to discuss everything and anything they want. Here are some of the ones I have.


#1 James Harrison The “Man With The Golden Arm”

#2 This Man Is A Hero

#3 Before And After Surgery For Blount’s Disease

#4 The Medical Staff Of An Organ-Donation Operation Bow To Pay Tribute To 17-Year-Old Female Organ Donor Who Has Saved Multiple Human Lives

#5 This Can Save Many Lives. 12 Signs Of Breast Cancer

#6 Incredible Well Performed Face Transplant

#7 Me And My Grandpa In Medical School 70 Years Apart (Equally Sleep Deprived)

#8 Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate. Two Weeks Post Surgery

#9 This Photograph Shows The Dramatic Differences In Two Boys Who Were Exposed To The Same Smallpox Source – One Was Vaccinated, One Was Not.

#10 I Was The First And Youngest Baby In Victoria Australia To Recieve A Liver Transplant. I’m 24 Years Post Transplant Now!

#11 2 Surgeons After Successfully Removing A Set Of Brain Tumors During A 32 Hour Surgery

#12 Second Degree Skin Burn Before And After “Spray-On Skin” Treatment

#13 While An Adult May Be Able To Use One Prosthetic For A Decade, A Child Will Likely Require Several Prosthetics In That Same Time Period

#14 Lightning Strike Survivor

#15 Before & After Facial Transplantation

#16 “I Work In A Hospital. This Is The Aftermath Of A Trauma. He Lived”⁣⁣⁣⁣

#17 This Is In 1987, Zbigniew Religa After A 23 Hour Heart Transplant, Watching His Patient’s Vital Signs. In The Lower Right Corner, You Can See One Of His Colleagues Who Helped Him With The Surgery Fallen Asleep

#18 Mri Scans Of A Boy Born With Only 2% Of His Brain And 2 Years Later. His Brain Regrew To 80% Of Its Intended Size And He Only Suffers From Comparably Small Cognitive Deficits Today

#19 According To My Doctor I Was The First Person In The World To Receive A 3D Printed Bone In 2014. Without It, I Would Have Lost My Knee

#20 I Had A Brain Tumor Removed, And Now I’m A Bit Absent Minded

#21 When The Husband Supports His Wife During Childbirth!

#22 This Is Jc Sheitan Tenet, From Lyon, France. He Is A Tattoo Artist Amputee Who Uses A Prosthetic Tattoo Gun At Work!

#23 Heterochromia Is A Difference In Coloration, Usually Of The Iris But Also Of Hair Or Skin.

#24 Testing Davinci Surgical Robot On Operation Game

#25 Heart Transplant! Bad Heart Going Out And A New Heart Going In!

#26 Doctors Find 27 Contact Lenses Stuck In 67-Year-Old Woman’s Eye

#27 This Is What The Nerves Related To The Teeth Look Like

#28 This Is What An Eye Looks Like After Keratoprosthesis: A Surgical Procedure Where A Diseased Cornea Is Replaced With An Artificial Cornea

#29 Vintage Nurses Give Jaundiced Babies Some Sunshine Treatment

#30 The Difference Jaw Surgery And Rhinoplasty Made On This Woman

#31 This Condition Is Called Mirror Hand Syndrome, Less Than 100 Cases Have Ever Been Diagnosed And The Cause Is Still Unknown

#32 Fully Inflated Horse Lungs

#33 Ladybug Found In The Transverse Colon During Screening Colonoscopy

#34 Case Study Of Tetanus In An Unvaccinated Child

#35 And That’s Why You Wear A Hard Hat

#36 This White “Soap” Is The First 3D Printed Bionic Pancreas

#37 Extracted Tooth With Intact Nerve Root – Super Rare

#38 Man Coughs Up Huge Blood Clot Shaped Like A Lung – Full Case

#39 Case Of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

#40 Breast Implant Saves A Life!a Recent Study Published In Sage Medical Journal Describes The Case Of A 30-Year-Old Woman Whose Silicone Breast Implant Deflected A Bullet, Saving Her Life In The Process – Medical Case

#41 ‌a Scanning Electron Micrograph Of A Natural Killer Cell Facing Off Against A Larger Cancer Cell

#42 A Peanut Lodged Inside A Child’s Trachea

#43 Dealing With A Lung Infection And Coughed Up A Bronchial Cast – A Mucosal Plug That Retained The Shape Of The Bronchioles It Came Out Of

#44 Cerebro-Spinal Nervous System

#45 You See All Kinds Of Shit In The Emergency Room, Don’t You

#46 Syphilis Of The Skull. Venereal Diseases

#47 Three Kidneys Discovered In A Man! – Medical Case

#48 My (Nearly 60 Y/O) Fathers Arm After Being Thwomped By A Cow This Morning

#49 Polydactyly Surgery – Full Case

#50 What A Person Wearing -108 Diopter Glasses Looks Like

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