October is a scary month and so we need to balance things out with some good photos. Don’t you think? Our animal-loving team at Readingaro knows what they will do when it comes to magic. The most wholesome, cutest and endearing rescue pet pics of the month will be featured in our monthly feature.

There are millions of companion animals available for adoption around the globe. Half of all animals entering shelters in the United States are cats and dogs. 32% of animals get adopted each year. It is estimated that of the 27 percent cats and 20 percent dogs euthanized, at least twenty-five pertain to this topic.

It is recommended that people choose to rescue a pet and open up their homes so as notto harm the animal. The heroes and their pets are listed below. Let us know which pics you want to share by Upvoting. You can find Readingaro’s recent lists of the Cutest rescue animal pics here.

What can we do to help our beloved pets feel comfortable and safe in their new forever homes? We reached out to Ingrid Johnson, certified cat behavior consultant, and the PDSA vet charity.


#1 Adopted An Older Kitty Who Had Been Returned To The Shelter A Few Times. I Think We’ve Bonded!

#2 My Cat Is Absolutely Obsessed With Our New Kitten

#3 We Were Looking To Adopt An Older Cat Who Needed Spoiling. Ended Up With Gerald, An Fiv+ 5 Year Old Who Was Found As A Stray. Spoiling Commenced

#4 Welcome Home Ollie! I’ve Waited For You For A Very Long Time Kid. We Have The Same Adoption Day, Just 32 Years Apart

#5 Looking To Adopt A Rescue Was Told Black Dogs Are Overlooked Because People See Them As « Scary »…look At This Terrifying One!

#6 Adopt Seniors! We Got This 9 Year Old Gent On Saturday And He’s Wonderful

#7 This Is Beau, I Adopted Him After He Came Through The Shelter I Work At. I Love His Ears

#8 Hello!?!? A Friend Rescued Two Kittens From The Road A Few Days Ago

#9 Meet Kiba, A Feral Kitten I Adopted

#10 I’ve Always Been Called A Cat-Person With Three In The Family Right Now, But I Recently Decided To Adopt A Puppy And I Think He’s Pretty Happy About It. Everyone Meet Disco!

#11 Happy To Be Adopted

#12 The Tiny Kitten I Saved. He’s A Thief, He Stole My Heart And I’m Adopting Him

#13 Adopted This Senior Girl Yesterday. My Beautiful Lady

#14 She’s *officially* Mine Now. My Twelve Year Old Newly Adopted Lady

#15 Just Adopted This 11 Y/O Good Boi

#16 We’ve Adopted Him 3 Days Ago. The Derp Is Strong In This One

#17 My Boyfriend And I Recently Adopted This Big Boy. He’s 2!

#18 Just Adopted This Little Carbon Copy Of Our Gamora

#19 My Partner And I Adopted Emma Today! She Is A 1yr Old Oriental

#20 I Wasn’t Planning On Adopting A Kitten, But This One Stole My Hearth. Meet Frida. Her Favorite Toy Is A Shallot And She Farts When She Sleeps. It Smells A Bit Of Cheese

#21 Adopted This Sweet Pea Yesterday

#22 I Found This Gorgeous Female Cat Today At Work. I Put Out Lost Animal Adverts But I’m Kind Of Hoping No One Claims Her… Because I Want To Adopt Her!

#23 I’m A Trapper For A Cat Rescue And Sometimes You Just Can’t Say No. World, Meet Ranger

#24 Here’s My Rescue Dog Named Princess, It May Be Hard To Tell, But Her Ears Are Cut Off

#25 I Adopted A One Eyed Dog, Everyone Said He Must Be A Pirate For Halloween

#26 My Rescue Bunny I Adopted This Friday. She’s A Sweetheart

#27 Mommy Just Got A New Pup. She Asked Me To Post A Picture On “Feddit” And Ask For Name Suggestions

#28 I Was Adopted Today. She Hid Under The Stove All Day Till I Gave Her Some Wet Cat Food. It Was Love At First Bite

#29 I Adopted A Female Cat With Amputated Tail And Half Ear. She Was Found In A Car’s Engine While She Was Probably Looking For Warm Shelter

#30 Adopted Fizz Today

#31 Help Me Name This Handsome Boi (Currently In The Process Of Adopting Him); So Far I Was Thinking Gandalf [because White And Gray]

#32 I Just Adopted This Beautiful Girl – World Meet Sooki

#33 This Little Guy Welcomed Himself Into My House The Other Day, I Took Him Back Over To The Neighbors. Well, This Morning He Came Back And I Asked If I Could Buy Him And They Just Gave Him To Me Lol. If Anyone Has An Idea Of The Breed Please Let Me Know

#34 Meet Tartuffe! Adopted This “Approx” One Year Old Buddy From A Shelter, He Has Been Abandoned “Apparently Not Mistreated”, No Microchip, Past Unknown. He Is Such A Good Boy. They Labelled Him As Pitbull Terrier By The Shelter Vet “Not Mixed”. What’s Your Opinion? Does He Look Like A Pure Pit?

#35 My Newly Adopted Goober Luna And Her Mini Luna

#36 I Found This Cat In A Car Engine All By Herself. Any Name Ideas?

#37 My Boyfriend And I Adopted Our First Pet Together, Today! This Is Goose!

#38 Somehow Adopted A Stray Kitten

#39 Beautiful Stray Cat That Adopted Owners At An Auto Parts Shop Is Employee Of The Month

#40 My New Kitten That I Adopted Today. He Fell Asleep Kneading And Purring. My Heart Is Going To Explode. I Love Him So Much

#41 Brought This Little Girl Home The Other Day. Anyone Have Any Name Ideas?

#42 Hi Everyone, Im Adopting This Sweet Deaf Girly Tomorrow. I’ve Never Had A Deaf Cat, Any Advice?

#43 Just Adopted This Proud Little Girl But Can’t Think Of A Name!

#44 Two Of Our Cats Died Of Cancer Recently. And We Just Adopted This Cute Boy As A Friend For Our Lonely Cat. What Should We Name Him?

#45 This Is Frito. Adopted A Week Ago. Still Hiding All Day. Advice Welcome

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