Dogs might be our best friends, but cats secretly rule the world. If we don’t give them enough attention on the internet, they tend to get offended at us, sometimes taking it a bit too personally. However, even the Emperors of Meownkind can act a bit bizarre from time to time. They’re not always the graceful felines that they’d like others to see. However, we absolutely love their more derpy side.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve collected some of the wackiest, funniest, and most wholesome photos of cats acting in weird ways from the celebrated ‘What’s Wrong With Your Cat’ subreddit, an online community of nearly half a million.

Certified cat behavior consultant Ingrid Johnson, the founder of Fundamentally Feline, went into detail with Readingaro about cat body language, behavior, and how we can tell if our pets are enjoying themselves or if something’s off, health-wise. You’ll find our full in-depth interview with Ingrid below. Readingaro also reached out to the friendly team at the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity, to learn more about cat behavior. You’ll find vet nurse Nina Downing’s answers below as well.

As you’re scrolling down, don’t forget to reward your favorite cats with some attention by giving their photos a big ol’ upvote. When you’re done enjoying the company of these felines, you might want to check out Readingaro’s earlier articles about the wonderfully weird photos from r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat right here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


#1 Meet Winston. When I Tilt My Head At Him, He Tilts His Head Back (His Head Tilts Are Significantly More Dramatic Than Mine Though Lol)

#2 I Spilled My Cat

#3 She’s Just Special Like That

#4 Watching Snl Last Weekend And This Happened

#5 A Strange Kind Of Geckos Are Invading The House

#6 He Hates Breaded Chicken But Tries To Steal It Anyway. Cue Intense Gagging Every. Single. Time. Dork

#7 Why Is He Staring At A Cactus?

#8 This Is How He Likes To Watch The Birds

#9 Missing A Bunch Of Parts

#10 Someone Hit The Catnip Hard

#11 Mondays Are Hard

#12 Update Loading

#13 Melted Because The Fire Was Too Hot

#14 I Think Somethings Wrong

#15 Jake Doing His Yoga In The Yard

#16 Sup

#17 Google Made A Panorama Of My Cat Stealing My Husband’s Pants Out Of His Closet

#18 Constipated Bebe

#19 Had To Share Another One Of Her Crazy Sleep Positions – How She Stayed Like That And Didn’t Fall Off I’ve No Idea!

#20 School Yearbook Photo

#21 I Swear He’s Not Dead

#22 My Cats Aren’t Too Sure About The New Apartment

#23 I Actually Captured The Moment When Kevin’s Brain Came To A Screeching Halt

#24 Oh How The Turntables

#25 No One Can Tell Me Aliens Don’t Exist

#26 It’s Always A 10 Minute Fight To Get Her To Come Down. I’m Short And She Takes Advantage. And Of Course She Yells At Me The Whole Time

#27 What Cat? I Don’t See Any Cat

#28 Gus Trying To Smile For His Gotcha Day Portrait

#29 My Cat Is Actually Using A Purchased Product Made For Cats As Intended And Instead Of The Box It Came In. What Is Wrong With Her?!?

#30 My Daughter Bought A Life Sized Skeleton. Our Cat Loves It

#31 My Cat Sleeps In The Strangest Position

#32 We Call This “The Figure 8”

#33 He Sits Like This And Stares At Me Why

#34 I Took This Picture Of My BF And My Cat Today, We Can’t Stop Laughing Since

#35 “Sit Like A Lady!” “No”

#36 Just To Be Clear, This Is A Cat

#37 Apparently This Is Comfortable

#38 All Orange Kots Share One Brain Cell

#39 My Indoor Kitties Are Trying To Prison Break

#40 Feline Centipede

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