Navigating breakups is one hell of a job nobody signed up for. And when you almost start moving on with your life, slowly regaining the joy and confidence of being a singleton, ready to smash those Tinder dates, a message pops up… “Hey, can we talk?”

And no matter how many times your friends have told you it’s a bad, very bad idea to engage in ex-texting, the temptation to respond is still there. And sometimes, it’s you who makes that first ‘long time no see’ text to your ex. In both cases, the results of texting your ex have been very well documented in a self-described “unspirational” Instagram account titled “Texts From Your Ex.”

From savage shut-downs to hilarious revelations, and anything in between, you can see why the account is followed by a whopping 2.4M followers. So scroll through the ex craziness, be sure to share your experiences in the comments and after you’re done, part 1 awaits right here.


#1 This Is The Correct Answer

#2 We All Communicate Differently I Guess

#3 Not The Response He Was Looking For Clearly

#4 Perfect Way To Start The New Year

#5 No

#6 Enough Said

#7 The Feelings Are Not Mutual My Good Bro

#8 Thank U, Next

#9 Ice F***in’ Cold

#10 When You Block Them Everywhere And They Try To Slide In On Linkedin

#11 When Your Ex Forgets That You Don’t Talk To Each Other Anymore

#12 Dude It’s The Middle Of The Day, Relax

#13 If At First You Don’t Succeed

#14 Who Else Out There Has A “Holiday Text Ex” ????

#15 Gentlemen, Do Not Put Your Exes On A Group Chat

#16 Many Accidents Over And Over Again Obviously

#17 You Had One Job

#18 Hahah Hahahah

#19 You Are Now Officially On The Naughty List

#20 Sometimes You Just Gotta Get It Off Your Chest I Guess

#21 Lol

#22 Alexa Show Me The Cringiest Text Of The Year

#23 Again, Gents, Try A Bit Harder With Those Hellos

#24 Pick A Lane

#25 And Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

#26 Happy Mother’s Day Y’all

#27 Oh. Well Then

#28 The End Of An Era… Probably

#29 Some Exes Communicate Only Through Song Titles

#30 B***h Get Your Own Account

#31 And Here We Are

#32 Not Great IMHO

#33 Fellas If You’re Lucky Enough To Get This Nice A Rejection Just Take The L And Move On

#34 Might’ve Worked Better Without The First Line

#35 Savage

#36 Time To Block This Number

#37 Still Living Rent Free In Your Head I See

#38 Seems To Be Going Well

#39 Hot Tip: Don’t Use Your Exes To Fundraise

#40 Lol

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