Being middle class might mean different things to different people. While some see it as living a super fancy lifestyle without technically being rich, others view it as a stable lifestyle and finally not having to worry about putting food on the table every night.

The American middle class might be shrinking, however, it still makes up the majority, standing at 52 percent of households. So it’s only natural that the internet pays a lot of attention to middle-class shenanigans. For example, the ‘Middle Class Fancy’ account over on Instagram has some utterly hilarious memes to share with all of us, poking fun at the more ridiculous parts of living in a middle-class household and at the differences between different generations.

Go grab yourself some meat and cheese on a piece of wood, scroll down, upvote your fave memes, and let us know which of these got you chuckling the most. Which of these memes did you relate to the most, s? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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#1 Pouring One Out For The Shinseki’s Bathroom

#2 Heck Off Dennis

#3 Understandable

#4 Guy Fieri 2024

#5 I’m Speechless

#6 Congrats Jonathan

#7 Better Make It 6

#8 Exhilarating

#9 Congrats On The New Ride Doug

#10 I Hate That We’re Like This


#12 Good Lord Judi

#13 It’s Quite Simple

#14 Looks Pretty Sick

#15 Waiting On Them To Drop Dill Pickle Flavor

#16 The Millennial Dream

#17 I Feel Like This Guy Is Living Inside A Mcf Meme @doyouevenlift

#18 Makes Sense

#19 It’s Still Probably Pronounced Yohn

#20 The Paprika Gives It A Little Kick


#22 The Trashcan? Oh It’s On The Roof Lol

#23 You Can Never Be Too Sure

#24 Life Hack: Buy Vegetables From The Grocery Store And Tell People They’re Fresh Picked From The Garden And Watch Them Talk About How Fresh They Taste

#25 Fire Up The Gateway Rand

#26 Sounds Delightful

#27 Just Gotta Keep Climbing That Corporate Latter

#28 I Had My Rehearsal Dinner At Olive Garden

#29 Y’all Taking The Vaccine For Endless Breadsticks Or Nah?

#30 Thanks Rand

#31 Oh

#32 Congrats Zander, You Played Yourself


#34 You Wanna Use Your Sick Days Too You Bag Of S**t?

#35 Let’s Have A Productive Day

#36 It’s Perfect

#37 Kohl’s Had A Sale

#38 Love My Ninja Turtle And Gluten Allergy

#39 It’s Fall Y’all

#40 It’s That Time Of Year Again

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