Hey, hey, do you know why the skeleton didn’t go to the party? Because he had nobody to go with!

If you have already guessed, then there is one thing that means Halloween will be upon us.

These are the cakes and snacks that we bring you from all around to celebrate Halloween.

We put together a spooky bunch of submissions that you can scroll down to see, and then upvote or comment on the ones they liked best.


#1 Tried My Hand At Those Red-Dyed Rice Krispy Treats For Halloween. Got The Trays From The Butchers, Made The Labels Myself

#2 Spooky Eyeball Cookies, Courtesy Of My Friend’s Parents

#3 My Girlfriend Made These For Work To Celebrate Halloween And They’re Seriously Freaking Me Out

#4 Apple Pie

#5 My Mom Made This Jelly For Halloween

#6 Spooky Charcuterie Board

#7 My Halloween Cakes

#8 Bread Got Squished On The Way Home From The Store. Now We Are Having Garlic Ghosts

#9 Made A Spooky Croissant

#10 “The Shining” Themed Birthday Cake For A Halloween Party This Past Weekend

#11 My First Time Making Edible Art. Arachnid Cake

#12 It Didn’t Come Out Nearly As Pretty As The Original “Pinspiration” But, Out Of The Halloween Spirit, This Is My Pumpkin Shaped Cake And I Am Proud Of It

#13 Hidden Monster Cake For Halloween

#14 Oreo Halloween Cake

#15 Made A Monster Cake For Halloween

#16 Cake I Made. I Love Spooky Season

#17 Halloween Cakes Are Always My Favorites (Chocolate Cake, Cherry Filling, All Edible Except The Wire Balloon Strings)

#18 I’ve Baked Some Ghost Cookies

#19 Halloween Sushi

#20 Zombie Cake

#21 I Baked Planchette Cookies With Homemade Jam And Buttercream

#22 Made A Charcuterie Board For The Office Potluck Today

#23 Spooky Black Velvet Halloween Cake

#24 Halloween Meatloaf Made By My Mum. Happy Halloween

#25 In The Spirit Of Halloween… Here’s Our Monster Cake Creation

#26 Chocolate Fudge Brain Cake With Marshmallow Fondant Detail And Strawberry Jam Glaze. Ready For Halloween

#27 Halloween Cupcakes

#28 Happy Halloween! Might Be A Point Of Contention If Jack Is More Christmas Than Halloween, But I Love Him Anyways

#29 I Was The Soup Guy At A High-End Restaurant, On Halloween The Chef Let Me Send All Of Them Out Like This (Carrot Ginger Soup, Cardamon Cream, Black Sesame Seeds)

#30 Smoked Ribs & Sausage – Halloween Style

#31 Just One Of Many Cakes I’ve Made At Work! This One Is My Favorite Among The Flock Of Ravens I Made

#32 I Make A “Cheese Ball Head” Every Year For Halloween. Last Year Was Creamy Smoked Gouda Covered With Prosciutto

#33 My Friend Made Halloween Themed Artisan Loaves

#34 Vegan Chocolate Cake Filled With Marshmallow Cream, Topped With Chocolate Glaze, Cookie Moss And Edible Extremities

#35 Spooky Morning Coffee

#36 Halloween Turkstrocity (Octopus, Turkey And Snow Crab)

#37 These Halloween Spider Cookies Are A Really Fun And Easy Halloween Bake For Kids To Do

#38 Spooky, Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine. My Sunday Snacks Have Got A Little Spookier And I’m Into It

#39 Halloween Themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries

#40 Apples And Cinnamon Halloween Macarons

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