The internet is a democracy. You can create a fake account on the social networking site and explain stupid things to other users, regardless of your status. That’s correct if you are actually doing it. It’s only a matter of time before someone says your BS. You are going to end up on the Don’tYou knowWhoIam forum when that happens. This online community is dedicated to those times when people were oblivious of who they were talking with and has collected quite a lot of them. Some of the best are listed here.


#1 Regional Reports Manager

#2 Underestimating A Multi Talented Model!

#3 Learn To Speak English

#4 The Guy Then Came At Him Saying He Violated The Hippocratic Oath

#5 Red Faces All Round

#6 Experience ≠ Skill Level

#7 Challenging A Doctor

#8 Don’t You Know What I Am?

#9 He’s Egyptian

#10 Becky Says Do Your Research About Vaccines Y’all!

#11 Karen vs. Owner

#12 Accusing A Former Us Secretary Of Labor Of Being A Keyboard Warrior

#13 Physician Didn’t Read A (Verified) Acct Bio Of Another Doctor Before Patronising Him About His Area Of Expertise

#14 Accusing The Artist Based On Images From The Artist’s Own Website

#15 Man Tries To Lecture History Professor On History

#16 Tony Hawk Tries To Rent A Car

#17 What Are The Odds, Really?

#18 Anti-Masker Gets Shut Down Quickly

#19 Director Is Asked What Her Job Is

#20 Sauna Advice

#21 A Different Kind Of Dykwim

#22 Ah Well

#23 My Friend Is A Scientist, So Exchanges Like This Occur Almost Every Day

#24 Running “Coach” Meets The Runner He Bases His Training On

#25 It Happens Again

#26 Asian? It Must Be A Chinese Puppet Handler

#27 Spotted On Tictac

#28 Please Educate Yourself About Vaccines

#29 Someone Lied On Their Resume

#30 In All Fairness I Don’t Tend To Wear T-Shirts With My Boss’s Name On Them

#31 Oh You R So Cool And Must Be A Really Important Person

#32 Having A Ba In Politics Is Better Than Being A Constitutional Lawyer, Right?

#33 “Are You Neil Patrick Harris Like Huh”

#34 Youtube Doing What Youtube Does Best

#35 Explaining What Baguette Means To A French Person

#36 Man Who Helped Legalise Gay Marriage In Gb Accused Of Doing Nothing For Lesbians

#37 Guys Tells John Wayne Parr, That He’s Friends With John Wayne Parr

#38 Tried To Start Some Racial Nonsense

#39 Arnold The Schwarzenegger

#40 Twitter Telling The Autor To Read His Own Article

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