Learn about 36 Best Homesteading Hacks for Gardeners. Knowing them can save your money and make gardening easier!

If you want to be self-sufficient, then there are some best homesteading hacks that will blow your mind. Try them, try!

Best Homesteading Hacks that will Blow You Away

1. Kitchen Scraps as Fertilizer

If you don’t want to take kitchen scraps to garbage, mix water and put vegetables into a blender.  It is a good idea to use scraps that do not include citrus or fatiguing meats.

2. Have Bushier and Bigger Herbs

Pinching off the top stems will help dormant buds grow upward and outward when they arise. They grow faster when regular top growth harvesting is done.

3. Keep Squirrels and Birds Away from Fruit Trees

CDs are hung around trees where rodents and birds frequent. The birds think a large animal is in the area because of pedulous discs.

4. Milk Jug into Watering Can

Oneway to recycle an empty jug is by using a needle or pin. You could fill it with water and use it as a watering jug.

5. Repel Mosquitoes with a Drop of Oil

Adding vegetable oil to the water will kill mosquitoes and other insects. This will cause a thin film on the surface which won’t let insects breed.

6. Keep the Soil Warm by Wrapping the Pots with Black Plastic

Wrap the containers with black plastic sheets when it’s warm enough to do so. If you live in a cold climate, this is one of the best homesteading hacks to try.

7. Rainwater Barrel System by Own

Excess minerals in the tap water can be harmful to plants. A couple of trash cans and somepvc pipes are all you need to make a water barrel system. This video can help complete this project.

8. Make Garden Markers

You can reuse items in your home to label plants. The hack is pocket friendly.

You can use the following :

Pieces of broken planters as a marker.

Set an empty seed packet in upside-down mason jars.

Use large rocks or stones and paint plant names on them.

Write on bricks with a permanent marker.

Use wooden skewers and pierce wine corks.

9. Poultry as Fertilizer Before Planting

Duck, chicken, cow and horse muck is a great source of nitrogen oxide. It will give the soil a refreshing boost.

10. Toilet Paper Tubes for Starting Seeds

The perfect size of toilet paper tubes is what makes them a good starting point for seeds. Cut flaps on one end from where you can open the tubes. You can see more here. You can start seeds with newspapers.

11. Mason Jar Beehive

In a backyard or small homestead it is possible to make a mason jar beehive.

12. Mulch

It holds water and gives it to plants, so watering is less common. You can use :

Grass clippings


Dried foliage

Shredded bark

Animal manure


Shredded newspaper

13. Natural Wound Salve

You can make a salve with one cup of flowers and add it to the jar for oil. For two to four weeks keep the jar in a warm area.

Take out the petals after shaking the jar every day. The oil is ready. It has multiple anti-bacterial, antiviral and inflammatory properties.

14. Indoor Garden with Shoe Organizers

An empty shoe organizer will be all you need to make an indoor salad or herb garden. Make sure the soil is in all pockets before seeds are planted. It’s necessary to keep it in a place that gets regular sunlight and water.

15. Use Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a good garden product for repelling pests and helping plants grow more quickly. One of the best homestead hacks will blow you away!

16. Gutters into a Vertical Garden

Gardeners with short space will appreciate this approach to gardening.

17. Calcium Boost with Eggshells

Egg shells can be thrown away and feed the chickens ground eggshells in the fall and winter months to boost their calcium intake.

Eggs are placed around the base of plants in order to prevent pest invasions and increase calcium content.

18. Save Tools from Rust

Add sand, mineral oil and tools to a large terracotta pot with some force. The sand is greasy and will save the tools from rust.

19. Mini Greenhouses from Soda Bottles

Remove the base of clean empty soda bottles and place them over our plant. There are holes in the bottle that the plant can breathe from.

20. Use Diapers for Potted Plants

This hack is an effective choice for people who live in a hot climate as it will save them from watering regimes. Place a clean diaper in the bottom of the container, keep it absorbent and fill with soil, plant and water.

21. Build Non-Electric Refrigerator

Enhancing the self-dependant food preservation on the homestead is where an off-grid fridge can fit in. For centuries this hack has been used. This is where you can see in detail.

22. Make Use of Every Space

You can use every corner of your small apartment to promote green.

Hang plants from fences

Climb up a mailbox post

Line the garden walkways

Climber around balconies

Use external walls of the garage, house, and outbuildings

Create a windowsill garden

Use pots of all sizes and shapes to grow many herbs and crops around your home.

Cucumbers, pumpkins and squash can be grown on the hillside and non-level ground.

Fix pallets to the outer walls of the chicken cage to grow medicinal herbs and sprouts.

Use the area of the deck for growing medicinal plants and herbs and fix hanging pots.

Have a stable? Use the outside walls and grow barley and oats there and feed the horses.

23. Welcome Pollinators

Pollinators are essential regardless of what you are growing. Invite them to your garden by growing native, wild, nectar-rich plants. Some of the examples are:








24. Grow More Food in Less Space in a Vertical Garden

The vertical garden is a way to save space. This method is a good choice for growing seasonal vegetables in small space on balcony, rooftop or patio.

25. Ripen Fruits Fast

Place fruit in a bag with the banana as it emits gas that will encourage ripening. This is one of the best homesteading tricks.

26. Grow Potatoes in Tiny Spaces

Potato is a staple in every household. You can grow organic potatoes in small spaces at your home. You can grow potatoes outside.


Grocery jute bags

Plastic planters

Grow bags


Unused boxes

Gunny Bags

Fruit crates

27. Clear Weed-Filled Ground with Potato Plants

Potato plants produce aggressive foliage that competes with weeds. This makes sure the weed growth is kept in check.

28. Grow Microgreens All Year Round

It is enjoyable to grow your own microgreens for lunch. You can grow them indoors with plenty of sun and rich organic soil. You could also try growing some.

29. Use Kitchen Water in the Garden

The water that was strained after washing vegetables, grains and rinsing rice can be used to Fertilze your plants. You can use the water from your kitchen to water plants in your yard by collecting it and putting it into a big container. Make sure the water is cold and doesn’t contain cooking oil.

30. Plant Herbs that Repel Mosquitoes

There are Mosquitoes in the garden. The best way to repel mosquitoes at home and on the garden is by planting specific herbs. Some of them are.

Citronella grass






31. Use Honey As a Rooting Hormone

If you want to propagation your plant, use honey as a method. Research says this anti-bacterial ingredient has the samezymes as a rooting hormone.

32. Beer Traps to Catch Snails and Slugs

There are always pests in your garden. If you can get these tiny people to leave a bowl of beer, then it’s time. The smell will cause them to climb in, but they won’t leave.

33. Use Wood Ash As a Fertilizer

Ash should not be left after a bonfire. Wood ash has a lot of calcium, iron and magnesium that can be used for plant growth. Discover more about it here, too.

34. Grow Hardy Herbs in the Cracks of Your Pavement

You must grow plants in the cracks of your pavement if you want to have hardy ones. A lush lawn is made possible by the surrounding stepping stones with herbs.

35. Finding the Best Spot

It’s best to keep the plant in a pot for seven days if you want it to grow outdoors. You will get a idea of the plant’s performance in that location before you grow it there permanently.

36. Mix Tiny Seeds with Sand

It’s difficult to handle the tiny seeds of carrots. To make it easy, mix them with sand.

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