For me, maps are the perfect fusion of art, information, insight, and entertainment. They help us navigate both physically and in the realm of ideas. What separates a good map and a great one is that the latter doesn’t stop with just mapping the territory: it expands the borders of our imagination.

There’s hardly a better place to see original, unusual, and interesting maps than this subreddit right here. Though we can’t mention the name (thanks, internet police!), it’s a veritable treasure chamber for cartographers, amateur and professional alike! Having celebrated its 10th birthday this spring, the online group now boasts more than 1.6 million members, pulling in thousands of new ones on a steady basis. Content is king and these redditors, including the founder, land surveyor Patrick McGranaghan, make some truly marvelous maps.

Featured here you’ll find some of the freshest and greatest new maps. Pack your bags, put on your safari hats, and let’s go on an adventure, s! Just remember to upvote the maps that you enjoyed the most, the ones that taught you something new, and the ones that gave you a fresh perspective on the world.

Patrick, the founder of the subreddit, revealed to Readingaro what makes a good mapmaker and whether we all need to be tip-top artists. A lot depends on the purpose of the map itself, however, the main goal is to make it as informative and easy to understand as possible. Art skills? Not as important. (Though certainly a plus!)

“There are many different reasons one chooses to make a map. Sometimes for navigation, sometimes for showing statistical phenomena, and sometimes for fantasy. While artistic skill helps, it is not absolutely necessary. The important thing is to make it easy for users to glean useful information. Most maps should have a thesis or a story it is going to tell and this needs to be told through the map,” he said.

Hungry for more magnificent maps? Then you’ll want to have a scroll through Readingaro’s previous articles about map-lovers and their creations here: [Unrolls 5 parchments with ancient symbols and drawings] Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

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#1 The Journey Of An Arctic Fox Who Walked From Norway To Canada In 2018

#2 The Baltic Way. On 23 August 1989, Two Million People Joined Their Hands To Form A Human Chain Spanning 675.5 Km Across The Three Baltic States. The Protest Was Against The Soviet Occupation, And To Support The Independence Movements Of The Three States

#3 A Map Art Piece I’m Working On Of Paris’ Latin Quarter

#4 No One Lives In The Green Part Of New Zealand,the Population Density There Is 0 People Per Km And That Is About 78% Of New Zealand Land

#5 Zealandia, The 8th Continent That’s Almost Entirely Submerged

#6 Rivers Of Italy

#7 Territories Where Married Gay Couples Can Buy Rifles To Protect Their Marijuana Plants

#8 Wolf Distribution In Italy Since 1900

#9 Reported UFO Sightings Map. Last 115 Years

#10 The Easternmost Point Of Brazil Is Closer To Africa Than To Its Westernmost Point

#11 The Longest Possible Train Travel In The World

#12 Existence Of Pangaea Proven With Evidence Of Similar Fossils Across Continents

#13 Closer To Paris Or To London?

#14 Countries That Have Yet To See True Temperature Extremes

#15 After Tokyo 2020 This Map Remains The Same. All Men’s Water Polo Gold Medal Winners Since 2000 Were Born Inside This Circle

#16 Variations Of The Given Name “Paul”

#17 Land Reclamation In The Netherlands

#18 Butter Or Olive Oil? Based On Actual Per Capita Consumption

#19 Europe If The Sea Level Rose 100m

#20 The Strait Of Gibraltar

#21 Share Of Young People Aged 25 -34 Living With Parents

#22 Number Of Prisoners Per 100 000 People In European Countries

#23 Traditional Hats Of Europe

#24 Sun Tanning vs. Skin Whitening

#25 Languages Of Europe Using Lemon And Citrus

#26 How Do You Sneeze?

#27 Percentage Of People Who Trust Climate Scientists, 2020

#28 Percentage Of Indians With Toilet 2014 vs. 2017

#29 Countries That Are Obligated To Defend The United States And Vice Versa

#30 North America Compared To Jupiter

#31 Countries Where It’s Illegal To Smack Children!

#32 Countries Whose Local Names Are Extremely Different From The Names They’re Referred To In English

#33 Nearly Half Of American Will Have Obesity By 2030

#34 Number Of Cigarettes Smoked Per Person Per Day In European Countries

#35 Percentage Of Obese Population Per Country In Europe

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