Bears are some of the most majestic animals out there, right next to wolves and fairies. It would have to be bears that are the kings of the jungle.

When they’re not partying or eating, they prefer to focus on getting their bearings and finding a way to stay alive.

Readingaro scoured the internet to find just random pictures of bears taking a break from nature and doing whatever they please.

Please see the full list below for some great bear photos.

More Info: North American Bear Center | Wildlife Research Institute Ely Minnesota.


#1 Momma Bear Checking For The Traffic Before Letting Her Cubs Cross The Road

#2 Check Out This Guy Just Chilling By A Lake With A Rainbow Contemplating Life

#3 Bear Was Relaxing On Thrown Away Chair In A Very Human Position. He Had One Leg Casually Crossed Over The Other And Was Resting One Arm On The Armrest

#4 Bear Grills

#5 Little Bear Baby

#6 Bear And Chipmunk Sharing Breakfast

#7 Even Bears Need To Relax Sometimes

#8 I’m Volunteering In A Bear Refuge In Croatia And I Thought Like Sharing This Photo Of A Chillaxing Lad With You Guys

#9 Bears In Trees? Bears In Threes? Bears In Trees

#10 So We Got Married At The Zoo, And This Bear Had An Interesting First Look Reaction

#11 Friend’s Mom Nearly Had A Heart Attack When She Looked Out The Back Window This Morning

#12 Absolute Unit Kodiak Bear

#13 A Massive Brown Bear With Her Cub

#14 Friends On The Other Side Of The Tank

#15 Someone’s Had A Beary Rough Day

#16 Just Some Black Bears Eating Some Apples In The Woods

#17 Bears Use Crosswalks Of Course

#18 What They Got Going On Over There ?

#19 You Wouldn’t Stop Me If I Was A Polar Bear

#20 Bear Enjoying The View And Contemplating Life

#21 I Had This Strange Feeling I Was Being Watched

#22 Oh, Herro Hooman, It’s Just Me, Bear

#23 He Could Bear-Ly Swim

#24 Beagull

#25 Paws To Paws

#26 Sad Bear Popped A Hole In My Friend’s Pool

#27 From A Friend Of A Friends Kitchen Window This Morning In NY

#28 Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ? 

#29 This Bear Started Begging For My French Fries At The Zoo

#30 Bear Bath

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